Denzil Lacey

Here is a quick post about  a recent shoot with Denzil Lacey, who is a returning client. I first met Denzil last year when I had a portrait session with him. Back then he was looking to get some images  for his website. Denzil is doing really well for him self these days. He has changed radio stations and his own company is doing really well. Here is a little blurb:

Zava Media is one of Ireland’s top website design and development companies, offering a range of services to suit personal and corporate clients. Established in 2011, our services are founded with over five years of website design and I.T experience providing us with the expertise to work for you. We will ensure your website captivates your customers and potential customer’s attention.


Denzil Lacey is the Programming Assistant and Head of Commercial Production with Classic Hits 4FM, a muti-city Radio Station. The Radio Station was established in 2009 as 4FM and re-launched in 2011 as Classic Hits 4FM and is broadcast to Dublin, Cork, Limerick Galway and Clare. Hear Classic Hits from Abba, The Bee Gees, Adele, 10CC, Ed Sheeran and many more…

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RTE Up Front


I had a quick shoot recently over in RTE. RTE Up Front is a radio show on RTE Pulse. Pulse is a digital station from RTE, so you can only get it if you have a digital radio, if you have chorus or if you have the internet. It is hosted by Damien Collins and Olivia. Pulse is gear more towards the dance scene. Here is a blurb from the site:

“With the very best in dance music 24 hours a day RTÉ Pulse offers a bigger variety and better mix of dance music than anyone else. From children of the rave generation to those who just like an upbeat tune RTÉ Pulse has everything on offer. There’s a guaranteed mix that will satisfy any dance music fan. During the day RTÉ Pulse plays a mix of well-known disco and commercial dance tracks as well as popular music of the ‘90s. In the evenings it’s the turn of RTÉ Pulse’s DJs to do their thing. Tune into RTÉ Pulse and reminisce to a new or old dance floor filling classic and discover that you actually really like dance music!”

The lads wanted some shots for the show website and other PR material. So I headed over to the Donnybrook Campus and visited the Radio Centre. Armed with a flash, a Pocket Wizard and an Orbis Ring Flash, I had a short period of time in the studio to get some shots. This is actually the third time I have been in a radio studio shooting DJs now, but its still interesting.


Before we went into the studio, we had some time around the grounds to get some fun out door shots, to show off their energy between the two. From working with Olivia before, I knew she would not easy to work with, so I knew we would get some nice shots. Damien was sound also, so the two of them make a great team and can have the craic together.

The shots are your standard press type photography. Nothing ground breaking in the light department. I had a EX580 flash on the camera for all the out door shots for some fill and I either bounced of the wall/ceiling for the indoor shots. The orbis didn’t work as will indoors for this assignment as I was usually trying to light two people instead of one.

As of this post, that is me all up to-date with regards getting shots done and uploaded. It doesnt feel right having no shots in the processing que. Lets see if can happen more often.

It’s been a quite time fashion and portraits work as my main business on the Sports & Events side of things has been busy and takes priority. The plan for the next while is to work a bit more on studio work and to work on some interesting concepts for that.

98FM’s Teena Gates


If you live in Dublin, then chances are you may have heard Teena Gates talking to you over the air waves at some point. Teena Gates is the head of news at top Dublin station, 98FM and is also an ambassador for the Hope Foundation. Teena and the rest of her team have raised nearly just shy under €60,000 through her many many fantastic achievements, both personal and charity driven.

One of her biggest achievements to date is in climbing to Mount Everest Base camp. This feat is one that not many people in the world can lay claim to….nor would many attempt it. It is truly inspirational stuff. Climbing Everest was not the only thing she done. She also assailed down the Dublin Wheel, which was also for the Hope Foundation. See the YouTube video below for more info on that.

One of Teena’s most impressive achievements however, is more a more personal nature. She has managed to lose 12 stone and counting in a very short time. This was the reason for our little shoot, to produce some nice ‘after’ photos to show off how good she looks after the amazing transformation. I asked Teena how she did it and basically said that it was all down to hard work. Eat well and exercise. It’s sounds a lot easier that it really is though I am sure.

Our shoot was in the Gibbson Hotel, which is located in Dublin’s Docklands area, beside the O2 and Dublin Wheel. This spot was chooses for its fantastic look and also because it is beside the Dublin Wheel, which was a part of Teena’s charity work. It is a great hotel and the staff were very accommodating to us, which also helps on a shoot. There is nothing worse than feeling like your are in the way. We got a wide selection of shots at the hotel and then headed back to the 98FM studio for some quick environmental portraits.

Teena and I had great craic shooting away. Teena is a lovely, genuine woman and is  very easy to work with. Coming from a media background, she understood that is takes time to set up lights and to get a shot right. This is great from a photographer point of view as it can reduce the pressure a little bit as the subject is not huffing and puffing wondering what is taking so long. I wish her all the best in the future and look forward to hearing about her reading the Top of Everest some time 🙂


Here is a bio that written about her on the Hope Foundation site:

With more than twenty years’ experience as a journalist, presenter and media trainer, Teena Gates heads up the PPI award-winning newsroom at Dublin’s 98, where she presented breakfast news for two decades after being coaxed away from RTE.   Teena is a Board member of Learning Waves, a training network established for the Independent Radio Industry.  She has also lectured in Communications with FAS, and in Journalism and Media Studies with BCFE Ballyfermot College of Further Education.

Having recently regained fitness after a long illness, Teena’s lost  eight stone since last Summer.  After climbing her own personal mountain, she is determined to make it to base camp:  “Last year I could barely walk and now I can run; what better test than to try a  little stroll along the highest point on the planet.”   She loves to swim and snorkel, in particular at a little fishing village in the south of France nestled between Nice and Monaco, which she keeps going back to. That’s where her weight-loss began, when she went there for two weeks to eat olives, drink a little good red wine, and swim up and down the coast every day for hours.   In fact she spent so long in the sea that one day she got rescued by two local fishermen who fished her out of the water;  she thought she spoke reasonable French but her vocabulary didn’t extend to: “I’m not in need of rescuing, please leave me here in the surf!” Still, they were very nice!

She loves Twitter and Facebook and believes they are a vital part of the future of news and radio.  She’s passionate about radio, which she still thinks is one of the purest, honest and most instant forms of communication: “I still feel as excited about radio as when I listened to a crackly Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline under my duvet, when I should have been asleep….of course they were blankets rather than duvets back then“.

Teena is still coming to terms with losing her mum suddenly, but peacefully last March; but she’s focusing on the happy times and is dedicating her walk to Everest to her late mother.

If you are on twitter, you can follow Teena here You can follow me while your at too 🙂

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