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[NSFW] – Chloe Moran in London


I met up with Chloe on my last London trip. Chloe is an Irish girl living and working in London at the moment and she wanted to get do a shoot to get some nice pictures. As you can see, Chloe looks amazing and really rocked it at the shoot. Her friend Zoe was there also and she even got a few shots done after she seen how much fun Chloe was having.


We started off with the the easy looks, the body suit etc., something to ease into it. The first look of a shoot is always the hardest as there will be a certain amount of anxiety and confidence needing to be build. I generally do a good job ( I think 🙂 ) of helping people feel confident for a shoot, and Chloe is no exception here.  At the end of the day, confidence is what make a person attractive; once you feel good, you look good.


We were shooting in the apartment that I had rented for the few days while I was there and they had great windows, plenty of natural light flooding in so I made the mode of it along with a 35mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4 ( Sigmas).


What do you think of the shots, are the too glamoury or are the just nice? I am always interested to hear about what other people think of my work. Let me know in the comments below. You can follow Chloe on Instagram also.

Svetlana Goldberg

instagram- sevt -7

I have known Svetlana for a few years now and have shot with her before, so it was great to get her back down in studio for a proper shoot. She is a fitness instructor by trade, so naturally she practices what she preaches and has an incredible figure.

instagram- svet -5

For this shoot, Svetlana wanted to off her figure and what better way is with loads of American Apparel gear. Put aside what you may think of AA’s marketing strategies, I really like their stuff. I think it makes women feel great wearing it and which ultimately make them look great also.

instagram- svet -1

Lana done her own Hair and Makeup for the shoot as is well able to do it. Sometimes on shoots, it is great when I model can do their own makeup as it means one less person on set and it can make a shoot flow better and we can have more time to try out different things etc.


We shoot different looks as you can see above, a mix of white and black background. I mixed up the lighting also for some looks. I am still loving the white wall look as you can guess.

Make sure to check out my instagram for all behind the scenes shots.

@svetlanagoldberg1’s final check before shooting #americanaapparel #bodysuit #studio #richiephoto

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Rachel Wallace Blonde Bombshell


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If you have been following my blog / work for a while ( let’s face it… you’re just here for the hot women) then you would know that I Rachel Wallace and I go back a few years. You can catch up with all of Rachel’s shoots here.

I am still in catch up mode with getting older work up here on the website that I should have done years ago, hence why the lack of much background info on a shoot. It is just because I shot this last year and I just can’t remember the particulars 🙂 . This post is actually a combination of two shoots though, one quick shoot with just me and Rachel and the other was when Rachel popped down with Eve Ryan for a shoot.



As usual, any comments or questions on the shots, hit me up in the comments below.



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Lucia Scerbikova in Studio


Lucia is an experienced commercial / press call model with Assets. It was great to finally get her down in studio to update her portfolio a bit. I have Michelle Murphy on Hair and Chantelle Thomas working with me on Makeup for the shoot.


Lucia is a stunning model and a mother of two kids to booth, she keeps her figure amazing. She is pretty tall also, as that behind the scenes shot shows, Michelle and Chantel are struggling to do touchups.



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Shooting with the amazing @luciascerbikova from Assets. Fab makeup by @ChantelleMThomas. Hair by Michelle Murphy

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Emma and Caoimhe Fogarty Vogue


Emma and Caoimhe Fogarty dropped down to me again for a quick shoot a while back. Our first shoot turned out great so we got in touch to do something else. The girls are very fashion savvy and knew what they wanted, so I went along with their ideas. I just built the sets and worked around their vision. It all worked out pretty well and we got some cool shots.


I was working with Michelle Murphy on hair for the first time today. It was her first time doing hair on a photoshoot and she done a great job. Chantelle Thomas was the makeup artist for the day, again my first time working with here, but she did a great job.

Gemma Fowler – Miss University 2013

Gemma Fowler -7

Gemma Fowler is the current Miss University ( 2013) and will go on to represent the colleges in this years Miss Universe Ireland competition. Can Gemma become, Miss Universe 2013 … we will have to wait and see. No doubt she will do great though!

I first met Gemma at the DIT Fashion show where she rocked the catwalk. After entering the Miss University competition and winning it, she got signed to Assets Agency She then got in touch to get her portfolio started and to get some tips for the competition. I don’t have any experience really with these competitions, so I am not the right person to be asking for advice. What I told her was to make the most of the experience and to enjoy it. Opportunities like this don’t happy every day and when they do come, all you can do is your best.

Gemma Fowler -1

For Gemma’s shoot we shot a wide range of looks on various backgrounds. I have some new colour background papers in the studio now so I am been using them a lot lately to try them out and see what works best. We shot basic headshots, natural looks and went right through to the wet hair, sexier look as show above. Gemma styled her self for this shoot and Aimee Connolly done her make-up and hair.

I will keep you updated on Gemm’a progress in the competition. In the mean time you can follow her on twitter also, @GemmaFowler

Alex Sawaicka and Siobhan McAuley – Double Trouble


Assets Agency buddies Alex & Siobhan dropped down to the studio a while back for a quick shoot and to hang out for a bit. I first met the girls at the Assets Agency Christmas party and from there we set this shoot up. The girls wanted to do a double shoot with a fun, flirty theme and with a victoria’s secret vibe to it. Here are the girls favourite picks from the shoot.

Shooting two girls at the same time always poses a few problems. The first and most obviously one being height. If they are not the same height, or if there is an obvious height difference then it can be a distracting element in the image. Alex in this case was a lot taller than Siobhan. Thanks to a little boost with some timber, Siobhan was able to be raised up a little to make it less obvious. I did not want Alex to just take her shoes off and go bare foot as legs look great when in heels.



As well as wanting to shoot together, the girls also wanted some individual shots for their portfolios. Alex more so, as her portfolio was not as varied as Siobhan’s at the time. Alex is a Polish Born, Belfast based lass currently studying Computers in Queens is only modelling a relatively short time but she has great potential.  Siobhan is an experienced model in her own right and has done loads of shoots and been published a number of times. A bit of trivia about Siobhan is that she is engaged to DJ & Stylist Byron Kumbula.


Make-up services of the day were provided by Aimee Connolly. The styling was done by the girls themselves. Thats all for now, any comments or questions can be left below.