Olivia-Tracey Hogan in Studio

Well here it is, my last shoot of 2012. Olivia is no stranger to my blog. I have shot with her a few times now and every time it has been a dream. Olivia is such a fun, bubbly person its hard not to have the craic with her. This time around, her big sis Lucci Minx came down for the spin to my studio in Wexford…. which sounds a lot further from Dublin than it really is.

The brief for this shoot was to be sexy…. which is generally easy enough.  Olivia wanted to push the boat out a little with this shoot and make it a bit edgier that anything she has done before.  The first thing I asked her was about the effect it could have on her TV presenting hopes, having sexy shots out there might not be the best thing for children’s tv presenter. However Olivia is not aiming for that market and plus the shots are not too sexy, so all is well in the world.



If your thinking that you recognise this girl from somewhere, then you probably have seen her on the telly box at some point as well as the papers. She has done work with the Damo & Ivor duo on The Republic of Telly.Follow Olivia on Twitter to keep up to date with her goings one. Olivia’s sister Lucci Minx herself is no stranger to the limelight,  a talented Hip-Hop artist so keep any eye out for her.

RTE Up Front


I had a quick shoot recently over in RTE. RTE Up Front is a radio show on RTE Pulse. Pulse is a digital station from RTE, so you can only get it if you have a digital radio, if you have chorus or if you have the internet. It is hosted by Damien Collins and Olivia. Pulse is gear more towards the dance scene. Here is a blurb from the site:

“With the very best in dance music 24 hours a day RTÉ Pulse offers a bigger variety and better mix of dance music than anyone else. From children of the rave generation to those who just like an upbeat tune RTÉ Pulse has everything on offer. There’s a guaranteed mix that will satisfy any dance music fan. During the day RTÉ Pulse plays a mix of well-known disco and commercial dance tracks as well as popular music of the ‘90s. In the evenings it’s the turn of RTÉ Pulse’s DJs to do their thing. Tune into RTÉ Pulse and reminisce to a new or old dance floor filling classic and discover that you actually really like dance music!”

The lads wanted some shots for the show website and other PR material. So I headed over to the Donnybrook Campus and visited the Radio Centre. Armed with a flash, a Pocket Wizard and an Orbis Ring Flash, I had a short period of time in the studio to get some shots. This is actually the third time I have been in a radio studio shooting DJs now, but its still interesting.


Before we went into the studio, we had some time around the grounds to get some fun out door shots, to show off their energy between the two. From working with Olivia before, I knew she would not easy to work with, so I knew we would get some nice shots. Damien was sound also, so the two of them make a great team and can have the craic together.

The shots are your standard press type photography. Nothing ground breaking in the light department. I had a EX580 flash on the camera for all the out door shots for some fill and I either bounced of the wall/ceiling for the indoor shots. The orbis didn’t work as will indoors for this assignment as I was usually trying to light two people instead of one.

As of this post, that is me all up to-date with regards getting shots done and uploaded. It doesnt feel right having no shots in the processing que. Lets see if can happen more often.

It’s been a quite time fashion and portraits work as my main business on the Sports & Events side of things has been busy and takes priority. The plan for the next while is to work a bit more on studio work and to work on some interesting concepts for that.

Olivia Tracy-Hogan on the Beach


Prepare for a slight bombardment of updates over the next day or so. I am  just back from Glasgow where were were shooting the World Pipe Band Games with DE Photo. It was a busy week over there so I am only now finally getting some time to do some updates and clear up the workflow backlog.

First on the list is putting the pictures from a shoot that I had with Olivia & Carol in July. We had a week of great weather in July and I was in full swing with plenty of  beach shoots. The two girls hopped in the car for the short drive down to Wexford for some fun in the sun. Olivia is a Dancer / Radio DJ / Model amongst other things. She is currently signed to Bscene. She is fun, bubbley and great to work with. She also has the most fantastic eyes ever. Here are the best of Olivia’s shots.

The first two Diptych‘s of Olivia made it into Flickr explore one day after the other, which was cool. It is amazing the amount of views and comments that an image can get if it is in explore. The shot above attained the same amount of views in 1 week that my current most viewed reached in 3 months. But that is a mute point as currently people seem to be weaning off Flickr as their photo sharing platform. I use flickr for two main reasons:

  1. Additional image back up
  2. Imaging hosting


Meaning that, with a Flickr Pro account, you can download the full res versions of any image that you put up, so you can upload 100’s of “finished” images and have them hidden from the public, ready to be downloaded if you ever need them. Also, all the images on my blog here are hosted on Flickr. I do this purely because all the images are on Flickr anyway, so there is no point uploading them to my blog also. Also, it means that I keep my wordpress database and server file management relatively simple.
All these shots were done with natural light with the help of some reflectors and diffusers.  As the weather gets worse from now on and the days get darker as we move back in to winter, expect to see the strobes coming back out and used a lot more.




* Edit… I no longer use flicker 🙂