Sora Aily in Dublin

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Dominique Barrager in New York

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Zara Crowley

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Alanna Pittorino in Cork

Great shoot in Cork with Alanna, this is an all natural shoot in terms of setup and shooting. No retouching at all,  the images are straight out of camera with a black and white conversion.

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Kelly Donegan – Oh Natural

Kelly Donegan
Kelly Donegan

This is a super quick post that I wanted to share with you. I shot with Kelly Donegan again recently in studio for press and publication… typical glossy, sexy images. At the end of the shoot I asked Kelly if she wanted to try out some cool edgy, no make-up looks. Now, some models might run a mile if you asked to shoot them totally nude of make-up and 100% un-retouched, but not Kelly. She was a trooper and was well up for it and had wanted to try something like it anyway, so it all worked out great.

It just goes to show that beauty really does come from within, its confidence and how you see your self. I say hats off to Kelly for doing it as she looks fantastic. We were going for a Terry Richardson look to the shots, i.e. just one light, keeping it simple and all about the personality.

What do you think ladies, would you bare all in front of camera without makeup?