Danilo & Michelle – Sunday World Magazine

Richie Buttle Photoshoot


If you were reading the Sunday World Magazine last Sunday (August 7th 2011) you might have seen some of these pictures. They are from a shoot I did back in early July. I am only getting to put them up now as they have gone to print. The location was Bettystown beach, which would not have been my first choice for a location due to the crowds on the day, and also know knowing what it looked like before hand, but it worked out well.

The looks was pulled by Liam Power and they were modelled by Danilo Taveres and Michelle Lima. I had worked with Danilo before and it was my first time working with Michelle. Michelle is a Brazilian model ( Danilo is Brazilian also) and she is a full time model. She is doing very well for her self over here with Compton. She is a great model, very professional and a lovely girl to top it all off.

It was an all Natural Light shoot, so there will be no lighting setup post to go with this shoot. I did however use modifiers to control the light. Control by either diffusing the light or reflecting light, basic light control really. But most of the shots are just plain out out in the afternoon sun.

Richie Buttle Photoshoot

Richie Buttle Photoshoot


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Danilo Taveres


I had a shoot with Danilo Taveres at Laytown beach recently. It was a portfolio shoot for Danilo to build up his modelling book. He is a multi-talented guy, he is a a hair stylist, a makeup artist and hope to be model. The shoot was styled by Liam Power. This was the first shoot I worked on with Liam. The second shoot was for the Sunday World Magazine which will be published this week (Aug 7th)

This shoot was a pretty quick shoot as the weather turned nasty on us. It was all natural light except the last shot for which I brought out a single strobe as it was getting dark. I am shooting a lot more natural lately, when it is available. In stead of adding a strobe to fight the sun, I am now starting to control harsh sunlight, to give a soft light, rather than just blasting in fill light with a flash.

This was the last shoot I did with my Nikon Gear. From here on in, it will all be Canon 🙂

diptych 2