Kelly Donegan – Botanic Gardens

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Kelly Donegan is on a serious fitness buzz this weather. She is training hard and eating healthy…. basically everything I don’t do. We shot for the Irish Sun as part of a week-long fitness feature that Kelly was doing for the paper. It consisted of a number of days shooting for her in different locations and with different photographers. This particular section was for bikini’s and we shots it in the Botanic Gardens in Dublin.

Kelly Donegan --4

It was a fantastic day when shooting in the Botanic Gardens….. well it started off raining but the sun came out and lite up the place along with increasing the temperature.  The humidity and temperature are the first thing you notice when walking into the giant greenhouse.

The team on the day consisted of a few regulars and one new member. Clothes styling and Hair styling were performed by the Nicole and Shauna Spain duo. Make-up Artist Sharleen Collins was there to make sure that Kelly looked great. Finally, videographer Richard Finlay was there to get footage for the project. He was shooting Kelly at all the various stages of this feature and put together a nice little video as seen below. Check out his webiste here:

Kelly Donegan – Oh Natural

Kelly Donegan
Kelly Donegan

This is a super quick post that I wanted to share with you. I shot with Kelly Donegan again recently in studio for press and publication… typical glossy, sexy images. At the end of the shoot I asked Kelly if she wanted to try out some cool edgy, no make-up looks. Now, some models might run a mile if you asked to shoot them totally nude of make-up and 100% un-retouched, but not Kelly. She was a trooper and was well up for it and had wanted to try something like it anyway, so it all worked out great.

It just goes to show that beauty really does come from within, its confidence and how you see your self. I say hats off to Kelly for doing it as she looks fantastic. We were going for a Terry Richardson look to the shots, i.e. just one light, keeping it simple and all about the personality.

What do you think ladies, would you bare all in front of camera without makeup?

Kelly Donegan Tallafornia

Kelly Donegan --4

If you stay in on a Friday night to chill out and watch a bit of TV, then chances are you will know of Kelly Donegan. She is one of the starts of the TV3 reality show, Tallafornia. It is a show that follows the lives of 7 people who are from (around) the Tallaght area in South-West Dublin.

If you never heard of the show, then you may know her from other work she has done with Assets Model Agency, who she is currently signed with. You may also have seen herself and Hazel O’Sullivan appearing on various UK Darts competitions on Sky Sports as work on girls. That job in the UK has boosted their popularity in the UK immensely.

Kelly came down to my studio a few weeks ago to get some new shots for her portfolio. We also shot with the aim of getting ia spread the papers, which it did. We were looking for sexy yet edgy shots, and I think we achieved that quite well. The shot on the right is one of my favorites from the shoot. It’s a simple shot in terms of set up and lighting, but it turned out great. Note IKEA’s finest rug that came in handy. It is a great place to stock up on props.

Kelly Donegan --3

Another favourite shot from the day is this one above.

Kelly Donegan --2
Kelly did her own hair and make-up for the shoot, which was very handy. It’s a bonus when not only is the model able to do her own hair and make-up, but able to do it well as well. We also styled it our selves in my usual way.

As usual, its was a great days shooting. It was fantastic working with Kelly and is a genuine and nice girl. The way that they edit these TV shows can be very mis-leading some times. Obviously the producers need to create a show that will contain controversy and drama etc, but when you are watching these shows, you need to remember about the editing and you might not always be watching things in context.

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