Jesse du Toit – Rock Chick

Jesse Du Toit -1s

Here are the results from a recent Shoot with Jesse, and we are very happy with them. Jesse is signed with Assets and we worked before back in March 2010. We have a good rapport together and she is a great girl. She asked me if I was interested in shooting some stuff with a guitar for her portfolio and I said yes as she helped me be out before. Here are the results.

I was very happy with the results and the lighting in particular. We spent about an hour alone just setting up the props and details and getting the look right before we started to shoot. I have a good few decent set up shots that I will put up in another post later in the week.

Jesse Du Toit -5s

I really like this shot as it looks great and turned out as planned. Like with the shots above, every thing that you see was put there for the shot. The Jack D, lighter, cigarettes, guitar, the cry baby etc.

I have a fairly detailed setup shot showing how this particular shot was done. It covers most of the other images here too as the lights were not moved around that much. You can find it here.


Jesse Du Toit -9s
I really like this portrait. It is all natural light and a reflector. Jesse has pretty intense eyes normally, combine those with a large 42 inche reflector in front of her to add catch lights really enhances them. The styling is keeping in line with the whole 80’s theme, the hair and jacket etc.