Hazel O’Sullivan Lingerie Shoot

Hazel O'Sullivan - Richie Buttle -4

Here are a few images from one of my latest shoots with the fantastic Hazel O’Sullivan, shot in Vanilla Nightclub a few months ago. We shot this before Hazel ventured into the Big Brother for her 10 week appearance on the Channel 5 show. This was my 5th shoot with Hazel now and I think it was one of the best yet. We shot these shots for press and to start selling posters to meet the demands of Hazel’s fans for posters. You can view the prints and sizes available for sale HERE

Below is an example of an A1 poster size print available ūüôā


Hazel O'Sullivan - Richie Buttle -1

This was a popular shoot before it even was released… thanks to twitter. I took the picture of Hazel below to put up on twitter for Hazel to retweet to her fans. Low and behold, ¬†it was picked up by the papers and the Irish Daily Star printed the picture the next day. This is one of the con’s of posting images of shoots up on social media, especially if your shooting for press anyway. Normally I would not put up an image of a shoot that was destined for press, or if I do, it would be more of a behind the scenes type shot as opposed a full on shots as below. The lesson to be learned is to crack down tighter on the model’s doing it ūüôā

Hazel O'Sullivan - Richie Buttle -5

This our second shoot in Vanilla. The first one was for the “Darts Babe” shoot last year. Big thanks once again ¬†to Pedro & Ruben for looking after us. Make sure to check out Vanilla if your looking for a good night out in Dublin –¬†http://www.vanillanightclub.com/




Buy Posters of Hazel here: www.richie.ie/hazel

Tiffany Stanley – Press Shoot

Tiffany Stanley-4

Tiffany Stanley is a well-known Irish model. She is has being modelling for a few years now and has done will in the press call / lingerie scene. She is currently represented by Andrea Roche Agency.  Tiffany is back from LA where she spent the Summer. She went there to try her hand at acting, swapping the daily paper for the silver screen. You can read about it in the various places that covered it, such as the Sunday World and the Irish Daily Star. We organised this new sexy lingerie shoot to have some fresh shots for her to send out to press throughout the summer when she was away.

tiffany press collageThe shoot was styled by Laura Mullett. You can read about what clothes Laura used on this shoot over on her blog:¬†http://lipstickgossiplady.blogspot.ie/2013/07/clothes-encounter-press-styling-next.html. Tiffany’s hair and make-up were done by the as usual, fantastic Aimee Connolly.

It was great to finally work with Tiffany. She is on my list of “Irish Models to Shoot”, so it was great to be able to make that list a little bit smaller. Once the list has been fully crossed off, I will let you know. I am sure you can guess who else could be on that list whom I have not worked with…. yet.

Check out Tiffany’s own website here:¬†http://www.tiffanystanley.net/

April Fitzgibbon

April Fitzgibbon, the Cork lass booked a shoot a while ago to update her portfolio. She was looking to approach an Irish model agency to be represented over here. She mentioned that she was currently doing her modelling work in the UK, but now she was looking to work more at home.

After her shoot in my Wexford Studio, she took her pictures to the Assets Agency Munster open day. This was a day where they search for potential models in the Cork and Munster area. This is a good idea from an agency point of view as a it adds a bit of balance  to the location of models. Unfortunatly with the industry as small as it is in Ireland, most of the work is in the Dublin area. April impressed on the day however and she is now signed on the Assets Munster Section


Fairly soon after meeting April ( or if you follow her on Twitter or FaceBook), you ¬†get a¬†sense of ¬†her pride of being a model who is “100% Natural, from head to toe”. ¬†She does not even have hair extensions….. her super long hair is all her own work. You will also get a sense of her¬†intelligence¬†as she is a self-confessed science lover and wannabe¬†astronaut¬†( See¬†the¬†Sunday World¬†recently¬†)


April’s mom came along to the shoot with her for drive…. all 4 hours of it. It was a first for me having a parent in the studio during a shoot, but it was great support for April. Other people on set on the day included Nicole & Shauna Spain of Flutter By Styling who provided some of the clothes, April provided everything else her self. Aimee Connolly was also there available for makeup. April prefered to do here own make up, so Aimee was there for touch-ups.

April has been in the press lately with some of the other shots from this shoot. Check her out in the Irish Daily Star and the Sunday World. You can also see her on Joe.ie

Layla Flaherty by Richie Buttle

Galway Girl Layla Flaherty

Layla Flaherty by Richie Buttle

If you like your reality TV shows, then Galway Girl Layla Flaherty will be no stranger to you. She was one of the stars of the E4 show Desperate Scousewives, which was based in Liverpool. She was also one of the contestants on the Irish Reality Show, Celebrity Saloon on TV3. Layla dropped down to my studio to get some new shots for her modelling portfolio as she is currently with Assets in Dublin.

Layla Flaherty by Richie Buttle

Layla is stunning and in great shape. The first thing you notice about her when you meet her is her height… she is a towering 5’11 (without heels), just a shade taller that me. She also has fantastic skin also which made Aimee’s job of Hair & Make-up even easier. Aimee did a fantastic job as usual, make sure to check out her FB page Here. As I work with Aimee a lot, we have a good system going and work well together on a shoot.

Layla Flaherty by Richie Buttle

Layla styled the shoot her self, picking up various bits and pieces. One of the sets was from a company called Sexy Smalls ( @SexySmallsxx). Of course, one of the best shots from the day did not require any styling, the nude shot.You can see from the behind the scenes shot below, how it was set up. The lighting consists of 1 main light ( above centre) and 2 rim lights (rear left & right) to add a hint of separation light. The lights are in pretty close which kept the fall off pretty short and let the white background drop to a dark grey. Add in some light smoke effects ( not really seen here) to add a little something something to the background and presto. The black thing on the left of the image is an iPad which I shoot tethered to. This brings up the images as I shoot them within a few seconds. A great tool for checking focus, hair, make-up etc.

Layla Flaherty by Richie Buttle

¬† Aimee ¬†making some adjustments to Layla’s hair

It was a super fun shoot (as always) and it was a pleasure to work with Layla. If you are on twitter, you can follow her here @LaylaFlaherty and you can check out her own website, http://www.laylaflaherty.com

You can check out the shots in the Irish Sun today: http://www.thesun.ie/irishsol/homepage/showbiz/4780882/Knock-Sean-off-his-feet-Layla.html

Dana Arikane in Studio

Meet Dana Arikane РFootball Lover, Diva Next Door, Latvian Export, Andrea Roche Model and an avid Tweeter. Dana has been living and working here for a few years now, she is practically a local. You can get a bit more about Dana from Independent interview here.

Dana dropped by the studio recently for a shoot. She came down make-up artist Ann-Jean Fitzsimons (AJ Make-Up) whom I have worked with a few times before. Dana had also worked with AJ and worked with before, so it was going to be a great shoot.

Dana Arikane by Richie Buttle

We had a few rough plans for the shoot…. well guidelines. We done the usual thing of exchanging ideas via email etc, sample images that we would use for inspiration. This has to be one of the things that most teams to nowa days when organising a shoot. We were aiming for a general sexy look that would include some full length shots. Full length were specified as Dana has plenty of headshots from recent her recent work with¬†Hotloxs¬†which are¬†concentrating on the hair.

Dana is great to work with. Along with being stunning, she is easy going and good craic on a shoot which is very important. AJ was her usual bubble self also, so all in all it was a good days shooting.

Dana Arikane by Richie Buttle

The couch made another return on this shoot. We last saw it on Christina’s shoot. I really like this shoot of Dana on the couch. It’s all in the facial expression in this shot and I caught it just right. Props like a couch however, I am trying not to use too much as it will get boring rather quick. You could say that a white wall can get boring quick also, but not so much. The white wall is more of a blank canvas that paves the way for the style, pose, make-up and the model etc. to be the hero of the picture, not the¬†background.

Dana Arikane by Richie Buttle

Speaking of backgrounds, as my studio is currently a little bit of a building site as I get the cyc wall / infinity wall finished off.  We put all the the timber lying around to good use. One of the inspiration images we  had was very similar to this one and it turned out pretty close to what we were trying to achieve.


Dana Arikane by Richie Buttle

I will finished up with the wet look shoot above. I shoot two versions of this. The one directly above was on a white background whereas the colour version up top was shoot against a white wall.  Which version do you prefer?

As usual, if you have any comment or questions on any of my shoots, you can leave them below.