Holly Keating

Holly Keating--2

Holly Keating is back on the blog after a few months absence. We last seen on on the Flutterby Shoot and her own shoot before that. She dropped down to get some new pics for her book and to have some shoots available for press.

The team for Holly’s shoot was made up of stylist Laura Mullett, makeup artist Aimee Connolly and hairstylist Edel Jones – The dream team. The styling for this shoot was edgier than before and this is also reflected in the lighting. I am using my Custom Flash bracket at lot at this point and I used it for most of the shots that you see here. This is all part of the Terry Richardson inspiration as mentioned before

Holly Keating--1

Holly look great in these shots. I worked with her on this shoot to bring out her confidence more and let it shot in an image. Being confident and actually letting it show can be two different things. Looking confident is all in the eyes and the pose for me. Getting the right expression is key for me and its what I focus on when working with my subjects… weather they are models or not.

If you want to book a shoot, get in touch here. You can book a shoot to get some nice portraits for your self or to update your model portfolio.


Flutterby Fashion Styling Shoot


I had a busy day shooting with  Nicole & Shauna Spain, the Flutterby  team recently. The idea of the shoot was to get shots for Shauna’s Hairstyling business along with shots for the Flutterby Fashion styling business. Shauna organised the shoot and get it all sorted. The models Holly Keating, Niamh Cullen and Sinead Duffy came down to pose for the shots. Aimee Connolly came down also to do the make-up for the 3 girls. Lots of people in studio, lots of fun…. as per usual.

I had worked with Holly and Nimah before, always a pleasure working with them. It was the first time that I had met the Andrea Roche model, Sinead Duffy. Sinead has since gone on to win the competition for Miss Irish Sun 2013. You can check out that shoot here ( coming soon).

The theme for this shoot was colour. The clothes are colourful, the background is colourful, the lollipop was colorful…. it was all fun and colorful. It was good to do something like this for  a change. I am really making the most of the new backdrops anyway. You will see a bit more heavy use of the colour in a few more shoots to come before I calm stop using them as heavy.