Sinead Duffy Fitness Shoot


Sinead is one of those people beautiful on the inside and out. Not only does Sinead have the beauty, she has the brains to match as she is just about a qualified teacher. It is always great craic shooting with Sinead, normally we would be working with Aimee and Laura on a shoot, but this time it’s just the two of us. We didn’t need a full time this time around as shoot was all natural looks for a fitness feature in the Irish Sun



Sinead was on a bit fitness buzz at the time and was training hard in Go Gym and they were kind enough to let us shoot in the Gym in Greystones for a few hours.


Lynn Kelly – Ninjamode

Lynn Kelly, the former Miss Universe Ireland (2008) has been causing a bit of a stir lately with her workout regime. Posting workout photos on her Instagram Feed was getting a Lynn lot of attention, and rightly so as she looks incredible. Lynn trains in No. 17 Personal Training, in Merrion Square, Dublin. Indeed since she started training there, a whole team of her fellow Assets models have started to train there, including Hazel O’Sullivan. If you follow Lynn on twitter, you will get the #ninjamode reference 🙂

Lynn had gotten in touch about a year ago to get some new shots for her portfolio, I was really looking forward to it as back then I was still getting my name out there in the photography scene (still am). To work with high-profile and experienced models like Lynn would have been a great addition to my portfolio. However, between different things happening and scheduling conflicts, we kept putting it off… until recently. I got in touch with her again and the timing worked out great for both of us and we made it happen. We planned out a shoot with the aim of getting it published and took it from there. I called up Aimee Connolly to get her on board for Hair & Make-up, she did an amazing job as always.

When planning out a shoot to get it published, what I have learned so far is that there are two main things to take into consideration…. back story and pictures. The back story is the text of the spread, the hook of the shoot. A spread being a double page spread, usually 3/4 of the space is pictures and text and the other 1/4 is adverts. Timing the shoot to coincide with something interesting in the models life will help with getting a shoot published, i.e. the ICA Boot Camp with Rachel Wallace or Tallafornia with Kelly Donegan. If there is nothing interesting happening with the model at the time and if they are not that well-known, then the chances of getting a spread are reduced… you might get a quarter page out of it. If the models are of a higher profile, then you have a better chance of landing a spread. Of course, it goes without saying that back story alone won’t land you a spread, the pictures are going to be the main part of it.  The main rules of thumb that go for the pictures is that sex sells and give the photo editor choice.

For Lynn’s shoot, we decided to focus on her super hot “ninjamode” body that she has been sculpting with the help of John Belton and Sophie Kavanagh… who are now known as #Team17. Initially we were going to shoot in My Studio but Lynn sent me some shots of the gym and I liked the look of, in particular the outdoor gym section. I liked the outdoor section as it is different to a normal gym shoot. There is a big climbing rope out there too and as soon as I saw it I knew the type of shot I wanted to do with it.

Shooting on Location is always a challenge…. but a fun one. It’s great to get out of the studio and to be able to have shots that are different from your usual studio stuff. For this shoot, I decided to keep it as simple as possible in terms of lighting. All of the shots were lit with a single speedlight in an umbrella. Using speedlights is easier and faster than using my Elinchrom studio lights when on location… and in particular when space is tight. Another reason for using the speedlights is that I wanted to shoot at 1.4 for these shoots and the studio strobes would not stop down enough to obtain correct exposure. Helping me out with the light and gear on the day was Jason Ennis. Jason works for me in my School, Sports and Events Photography Company, DE Photo Ireland, so it was good to have him on board and giving him some experience.

Big shout out to John, Kevin and Sophie for helping us out on the day. They have a great setup, go check it out if you’re looking for a gym in Dublin. Thats if for now on the shoot. It was published in the Irish Daily Star and Irish Daily Mail on November 29th. I will be hopefully shooting with Lynn again in January, in studio this time. Stay tuned for that 🙂

In the mean time, follow Team17 on twitter:


Rebeccah – Miss Bikini Carlow

Not long ago, I ran a competition on FaceBook to win a photoshoot. It was a very popular competition that had 400ish entrants. The prize was two shoots, one for a male & one for a female. Rebeccah O’Rourke was the winner of the female shoot and here are some of her images.

The competition was open to every one, but it just so happened that Rebeccah was looking to do a shoot to add to her fitness portfolio. She recently entered a fitness modelling competition, FitEx (Fitness Extravaganza). It seems like an interesting competition, something different from your usual pageant. They have specific guidelines on how you should look to enter:

The Fitness Model competition is for both male & female competitors that are lean and fit with firm muscle tone. This is a model search and athletes are to have an attractive healthy look that is marketable in the Fitness industry. Body fat is to be minimal and Abs are to be seen but without being too lean or having too much muscle separation
So…. that rules me out then 🙂

With the fitness competition in mind, Rebeccah had a good idea as to what she wanted from her shoot. She wanted shots that would show off her fit, toned body  very well. She didn’t put in all that hard time in the gym  to go and hide it all after all. During our pre-shoot chats, she forwarded me on the images that she like. One of the them was an image similar to the one below.

Another event in the pipeline for Rebeccah is the Miss Bikini Ireland competition, which is being held on October 19th at the Wright Venue, Swords. When entered the competition by first becoming Miss Bikini Carlow.  The winner of the Ireland heat will go onto represent Ireland at the International Miss Bikini competition later in the year. There is some tough competition for it, but I wish Rebeccah all the best with it.

Hair & Make-up services for the shoot were provided once again by Aimee Connolly. Aimee is based in Dublin and is available to hire for all your make-up needs. Make sure to check out her FaceBook page to get in touch with her. The other person on set with us for a part of the day was Rebeccah’s boyfriend, Damian. He even got in on the photoshoot action at the end 🙂


Montinique Judge

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle

Meet Montinique, a personal trainer from Dublin. Montinique Booked a Shoot with me a few months ago to update her portfolio. She came down with her friend Amy  for the morning session. Montinique is no stranger to the camera. She has plenty of experience in front of the camera. She has done several shoots in the past, along with entering the Miss Universe Ireland competition a few year back.

Montinique also runs her own Fitness Bootcamp in Dublin. They offer a wide range of services such as s personal training sessions. You can check out her website and services here:

I shot Montinique in the morning session and Sophie was in the afternoon. So Hair & Make-Up duties were filled by Aimee Connolly, who done a fantastic job as usual. Make sure to check her out.

It was a great shoot and Montinique was delighted with the shoot. She was great to work with, so that made my job a lot easier. We had a good chat weeks before the shoot to nail down the styling ideas etc. Being prepared like that means that we can get a lot more looks done.

This results in more choice and options in the shoot. 8 images are included in the standard portfolio package, however Montinique loved the shots so much she wanted lots of extra ones. This is great to see as it means that people are really happy with the service and like the pictures. If you like my work and you are on FaceBook, make sure to check out and “Like” my page, ( You can hit me up on Twitter also:

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle