Emma and Caoimhe Fogarty Vogue


Emma and Caoimhe Fogarty dropped down to me again for a quick shoot a while back. Our first shoot turned out great so we got in touch to do something else. The girls are very fashion savvy and knew what they wanted, so I went along with their ideas. I just built the sets and worked around their vision. It all worked out pretty well and we got some cool shots.


I was working with Michelle Murphy on hair for the first time today. It was her first time doing hair on a photoshoot and she done a great job. Chantelle Thomas was the makeup artist for the day, again my first time working with here, but she did a great job.

Emma and Caoimhe

Emma and Caoimhe Fogarty

I have been neglecting the blog a lot lately but I plan to try to keep it up to date a lot better in future ( I have said that before ūüôā ). One such shoot ¬†to catch up with is from back in¬†January¬†with Emma & Caoimhe ( pronounced Keeva), the twin models from Meath. The girls were my second shoot of 2013…. so that will give you an idea as to the back log that the blog has… so let’s get to it.

The girls have been modelling for 2 years with 2 different agencies. In that time they have worked on many things from TV3’s Xpose, to shooting a cover and spread for the Irish examiner, so they are not taking things lightly and getting stuck in. They are confident and determined to do well. They are also fashion and style¬†conscious, which is advantageous¬†being a model. The girls styled this shoot themselves, coming up with the concepts and sourcing the cloths them selves. In comparison to other models who may not be able to style a shoot them selves as they usually have a stylist do it for them. Being able to style a shoot is great,¬†especially¬†for when you want to do a quick test shoot or try out something funky.

Emma and Caoimhe

I always wondered about¬†identical¬†twin models, mostly about the unique-ness aspect. Would Kate Moss be Kate Moss if she had a twin sister? Not likely. Not only working with some one who looks identical to you…. having to work alongside a sibling must be tough. ¬†“I really enjoy having and working alongside my twin. It gives me¬†a lot more confidence knowing I have her by my side all the time, but it’s not always fun and games, things can get a little heated sometimes, because we spend so much time together. but at the end of the day we love what we do, and love that we get to share the experiences¬†together” – Emma.

Emma and Caoimhe

Aside from modelling, they are extremely busy dividing their time between two of their passions Fashion and Exercising. They are studying fashion buying and¬†merchandising¬†and Personal training. If you follow them on twitta, you will¬†frequently¬†get the gym updates. On the modelling side, the girls are currently with Assets, each with their on page EmmaCaoimhe¬†…. although they could prob just share a page seeing as they are identical… well kind of identical.

They have one feature that makes them not so identical and it was my saving grace for the day to help me “Spot the difference”. That is because Emma has a beauty spot on the left side of her face ( as you look at her), only for this, I would not be able to tell the difference. They did tell me they have slightly different shaped faces etc., but the spot was a much quicker way to tell the difference.

Emma and Caoimhe

Emma and Caoimhe

From a lighting point of view, the leopard print shots are a one light setup. Again… I’m slacking in the setup shots photos the last few months so I can’t show you, but it is just a single strobe with a 6″¬†reflector, which is placed above the girl’s head height. It is placed just high enough to create shadows under the chins, but not too have to create too dark an area. There is no formula to it, no set way to do it, it is just the way I did it on the day to try it out. The ideas behind using one light is to great the harsh shadow, editorial look that is popular these days.
The two shots above are a cool idea the girls came up with. They were the last shoots of the day as we were getting a bit tired. The idea behind them was a theme of opposite. The girls are looking fierce with the wet hair look while wearing the same cloths except for opposite colour jackets. We done the shots  multiple times, alternating who was in front and in focus etc.
All in all it was a great day meeting and shooting the girls. Aimee Connolly was as hand to do another fantastic job on Hair and Make-up. Let me know what you think in the comments below, it’s always great to get feedback.