Alyson Boyle in White

Alyson Boyle White -2

Alyson Boyle is slowly becoming a regular in front of my camera. This is the 3rd time that we have shot together now and each shoot gets better and better. She was one of my first subjects when I was just starting out on my own, nearly two years ago. Alyson has come along way in her modelling career since our first shoot. She is one of the busiest models with Assets Agency and you would have seen her on TV several times. Check out Alyson’s Assets Page Here.

Alyson is fantastic to work, and this time was no exception. She came down to my studio with fellow Assets girl  Nicola. The rest of the style team on the day were Danilo Taveres on Hair, Ann-Jean Fitzsimons on Make-up and Gill Keogh on styling. Check those talented guys out.

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We did not have a whole lot of time on the day for the shoot, so we managed to get two looks in. I had this ideas for the first one after seeing various high key lighting / bright shots. One shot in particular was of Rihanna, shot by Michael Thompson. The shot is shown and lighting broken down here by Guess the Obviously it’s not really near that effect, but it was a starting point for the experimenting. For a first attempt, I’m happy with the results. I will definitely be trying this out again with some changes, one of those being would perhaps be with a brunette model.

Alyson Boyle White -3

It’s good to be able to try something different like this. It’s great to be able to have the studio space in which to do it. If the experimenting works, then is a look that I have in the bad if I ever need it.  If it doesn’t work, well then it means that I know where to start from when trying it again. I will be posting up a Lighting Setup Shot of this look soon.

The other look that we shoot that day with Alyson was this shot below with Danilo. We wanted to shoot an uber sexy shot of a couple, with a nod to Calvin Kline. It’s a simple shot, style and lighting wise. What makes a shot like this is the models and their expressions. Out of about 20 shots, this one was the winner for me because the expression of Alyson & Danilo’s faces are fantastic. Look into their eyes and try to imagine what they were thinking in that scene.

Alyson Boyle White -4
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Nicola Hughes – Miss Irish Sun 2012


September 2013 – CLick for Nicola’s NEW Shoot:


* April 2012 Edit *

April 2012, Nicola has just won the title of Miss Irish Sun 2012. Congrats Nicola on the new title! Nicola will head onto Miss Universe Ireland later in the year now – See HERE


Nicola Hughes is busy model with Assets Model Agency, Andrea Roche Agency,  whom I have the pleasure of shooting with recently. She has been modeling for a while now and is doing great for her self. She is great to work with and has fantastic skin, which makes the MUA’s & my job easier…… which we like.

I organised a test shoot just before Christmas with Nicola & Alyson. We wanted to get some Christmas themes shots as well as trying out some new looks for our portfolios.  It was a short day, but we managed to squeeze in some varied look in the two hours shooting with the two girls. Here are are some of the best shots of Nicola from the day. I look forward to working with her again.

The style team on the day were Danilo Taveres on Hair, Ann-Jean Fitzsimons on Make-up and Gill Keogh on styling. Check those talented guys out.

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Danilo in Studio

Danilo Taveres is one talented guy. He is the latest male model to grace my studio. Danilo is  a full time hair-stylist based in Dublin and also is a make-up artist. Brazilian born and bred, he has many strings to his bow… and a nice guy also. I have worked with Danilo a few times now, in both a model capacity and hair and make-up artistry roles.

This time, Danilo came down to do the hair for the Alyson White & Nicola Hughes shoots. At the end of the Shoot, Danilo wanted a few quick shots for his own portfolio, so we took these in literally 3 mins.

I am in the process of trying out various mono & black and white techniques. These two shots of Danilo on his own have brown tint running through them, sort of sepia-ish. Where as the shot of him any Alyson is just black and white. Different looks suite different images naturally, but it would be nice to be able to develop a style that suits all images and to be able to apply the same look to them all. Purely from a consistency point of view.


Lighting wise for these shots of Danilo, there is just one light involved. A big beautiful Elinchrom 135cm Octo box, placed just off to the left. It really is a great light source, giving nice big soft shadows.

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Alyson Boyle White -4


Danilo & Michelle – Sunday World Magazine

Richie Buttle Photoshoot


If you were reading the Sunday World Magazine last Sunday (August 7th 2011) you might have seen some of these pictures. They are from a shoot I did back in early July. I am only getting to put them up now as they have gone to print. The location was Bettystown beach, which would not have been my first choice for a location due to the crowds on the day, and also know knowing what it looked like before hand, but it worked out well.

The looks was pulled by Liam Power and they were modelled by Danilo Taveres and Michelle Lima. I had worked with Danilo before and it was my first time working with Michelle. Michelle is a Brazilian model ( Danilo is Brazilian also) and she is a full time model. She is doing very well for her self over here with Compton. She is a great model, very professional and a lovely girl to top it all off.

It was an all Natural Light shoot, so there will be no lighting setup post to go with this shoot. I did however use modifiers to control the light. Control by either diffusing the light or reflecting light, basic light control really. But most of the shots are just plain out out in the afternoon sun.

Richie Buttle Photoshoot

Richie Buttle Photoshoot


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Danilo Taveres


I had a shoot with Danilo Taveres at Laytown beach recently. It was a portfolio shoot for Danilo to build up his modelling book. He is a multi-talented guy, he is a a hair stylist, a makeup artist and hope to be model. The shoot was styled by Liam Power. This was the first shoot I worked on with Liam. The second shoot was for the Sunday World Magazine which will be published this week (Aug 7th)

This shoot was a pretty quick shoot as the weather turned nasty on us. It was all natural light except the last shot for which I brought out a single strobe as it was getting dark. I am shooting a lot more natural lately, when it is available. In stead of adding a strobe to fight the sun, I am now starting to control harsh sunlight, to give a soft light, rather than just blasting in fill light with a flash.

This was the last shoot I did with my Nikon Gear. From here on in, it will all be Canon 🙂

diptych 2



Rachel Kenny – Beach & Street

Rachel is another one of the many DIT models I have shot. Rachel was involved in the DIT Fashion Show. Rachel is currently signed with Catwalk Models in Galway. Rachel has a really nice look and it was great to shoot with her on two occasions. She has catwalk experience and has done a good few fashion shows. Working with experience models always make things easier when it comes to posing and general atmosphere on set.

Rachel Kenny -4

The two shoots were a fashion shoot on the streets of Dublin at night and some beach shots. For the Dublin shoots, we were aiming for a dark look. Ann-Marie Carey was on MUA duties with Danilo Tavares was on hair. Both did a fantastic job. I was assisted by Cameron (, who was a big help in the location scouting and the lighting on the night of the shoot.

Rachel Kenny -2

This shoot has its lighting problems in that the areas is lit by ugly, yellow sodium vapour street lights. This alone was not that big a deal from an ambient light point of view. A custom white balance on the Nikon D7000 worked a treat and produced a nice result…. almost cinematic feel, which is what I was hoping for. The problem then came in trying to use fill light. I do not have big reflectors to reflect back enough of the light. My initial reaction was that I wanted to used flash, but with this custom WB setting, normal white light was shifting to dark blue.

I knew that I needed to balance to my flash with the ambient. This is a trial and error process. You basically need a lot of CTO and 1/2 CTO gels with you and keep adding them to your flash until the light from your flash looks good on your subject. I think I ended up with an equivalent 3 1/2 CTO gel, which was made up of 5 or 6 individual gels. The main problem with this is that each gel added decreases the power of the flash…. power that is already scarce due to the distance from light to subject and I was wanting to keep the ISO low on the body to keep noise down. But it all worked out in the end.

Rachel Kenny -10



Rachel Kenny -5

The other set of shots are from a beach shoot with Ray Byrne. It was a great day on the beach and we got some great shots. Here are the best ones. I really like the portrait below of Rachel. I like the expression on here face and she has amazing eyes.

Rachel Kenny -8

I hope to shoot with Rachel again soon over the Summer to get a wider range of shots. If you’re reading this after 2011, then click to see more shots of Rachel and Ray.