Lisa Hogan Dancer


Lisa Hogan, dance teacher and pageant beauty. She recently represented Northern Ireland in the Miss Supernatural competition. We had a fantastic shoot recently, sporting a few different looks, some Calvin Klein and nice black lingerie. Being a dancer, Lisa is a natural when it comes to posing.

It was our first shot together and we had plans to do more dance related shots. However with the recent storms, I had a little leak in the roof and it stained the cyc wall and I didn’t get a chance to repaint it. Watch this space though for some cool dance shots coming soon.

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If it just me… or is Lisa the spit of Britney Spears here?




All of these shots (except the black and white) were shot with my on camera flash bracket. I am loving that light, especially against a white wall. It is so simple, it removes a lot of distractions form a shoot and puts the attention back on the model, not the light. That kind of light does have its downsides, it can cause redeye, it can be harsh on the model and it really highlights makeup quality. It is also demanding on a the flash, so lots of batteries needed.. or a battery pack.

The images may not look the best once you load them up onto the computer, but with a few exposure and contrast adjustments it can really make them pop.

Any questions on my gear or shooting style, leave them in the comments below.

Olivia-Tracey Hogan in Studio

Well here it is, my last shoot of 2012. Olivia is no stranger to my blog. I have shot with her a few times now and every time it has been a dream. Olivia is such a fun, bubbly person its hard not to have the craic with her. This time around, her big sis Lucci Minx came down for the spin to my studio in Wexford…. which sounds a lot further from Dublin than it really is.

The brief for this shoot was to be sexy…. which is generally easy enough.  Olivia wanted to push the boat out a little with this shoot and make it a bit edgier that anything she has done before.  The first thing I asked her was about the effect it could have on her TV presenting hopes, having sexy shots out there might not be the best thing for children’s tv presenter. However Olivia is not aiming for that market and plus the shots are not too sexy, so all is well in the world.



If your thinking that you recognise this girl from somewhere, then you probably have seen her on the telly box at some point as well as the papers. She has done work with the Damo & Ivor duo on The Republic of Telly.Follow Olivia on Twitter to keep up to date with her goings one. Olivia’s sister Lucci Minx herself is no stranger to the limelight,  a talented Hip-Hop artist so keep any eye out for her.