Nicola Hughes – Press Shoot

Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes, the stunning Andrea Roche model and Miss Irish Sun 2012 makes her second appearance on the blog this time around. It was no accident that Nicola won the Miss Irish Sun title last year. The blonde bombshell is in fantastic shape these days as the pictures show….. thanks of a lot time dedicated to the gym and eating healthy.

instagram- nicolah2

Nicola got in touch to get some new shots for her book and also to get some shots for press. The main goal of this shoot  was to get some high class lingerie shots and also some sexier shots for press. Nicola had a few inspiration images that she wanted to try and recreate, with our own twist of course. The shots that we took looked great, however as times are changing, they were a little too sexy for the press. Since the Irish Sun have stopped doing Page3 ,then are looking for a different kind of shot. There is indeed a fine line between trashy and classy sometimes. But hopefully I manage to stay on the classy side of it. If I don’t feel free to let me know in the comments 🙂

Nicola Hughes --4Nicola styled her self for this shoot. The looks were not that complicated and she had the bits her self. Aimee Connolly was in studio to apply make-up and Edel Jones was in studio to work her magic on Nicola’s Hair. Hair is one thing that I never really mention much on the blog, or specifically extensions. Nicola’s extensions are by Great Lengths Ireland. Hair extensions are not cheap, so one of the ways that the models can get them at highly discounted prices, or even for free is by getting the hair mentioned in press credits and in the media where possible. Fair deal really, you get a product in return you promote the product.

In the image just above, you can see my cyclorama in background. Although it is painted white, is drops off to gray due to a lack of light hitting it. Reduce the light even more and it would appear a darker shade of grey and eventually turn black. For those of you who are not into photography… that can blow some minds. It blew my mind with I first started to learn about lighting. “Why is this appearing grey even though it is painted white“, used to be the question I would ask my self. It was not until I started to experiment with lights and take test shots, that it all started to make sense. If you’re looking to learn more about lighting for photography, one book that you need to check out is “Light, Science and Magic” from Amazon.

Hazel O’Sullivan Lingerie Shoot

Hazel O'Sullivan - Richie Buttle -4

Here are a few images from one of my latest shoots with the fantastic Hazel O’Sullivan, shot in Vanilla Nightclub a few months ago. We shot this before Hazel ventured into the Big Brother for her 10 week appearance on the Channel 5 show. This was my 5th shoot with Hazel now and I think it was one of the best yet. We shot these shots for press and to start selling posters to meet the demands of Hazel’s fans for posters. You can view the prints and sizes available for sale HERE

Below is an example of an A1 poster size print available 🙂


Hazel O'Sullivan - Richie Buttle -1

This was a popular shoot before it even was released… thanks to twitter. I took the picture of Hazel below to put up on twitter for Hazel to retweet to her fans. Low and behold,  it was picked up by the papers and the Irish Daily Star printed the picture the next day. This is one of the con’s of posting images of shoots up on social media, especially if your shooting for press anyway. Normally I would not put up an image of a shoot that was destined for press, or if I do, it would be more of a behind the scenes type shot as opposed a full on shots as below. The lesson to be learned is to crack down tighter on the model’s doing it 🙂

Hazel O'Sullivan - Richie Buttle -5

This our second shoot in Vanilla. The first one was for the “Darts Babe” shoot last year. Big thanks once again  to Pedro & Ruben for looking after us. Make sure to check out Vanilla if your looking for a good night out in Dublin –




Buy Posters of Hazel here:

Tiffany Stanley – Press Shoot

Tiffany Stanley-4

Tiffany Stanley is a well-known Irish model. She is has being modelling for a few years now and has done will in the press call / lingerie scene. She is currently represented by Andrea Roche Agency.  Tiffany is back from LA where she spent the Summer. She went there to try her hand at acting, swapping the daily paper for the silver screen. You can read about it in the various places that covered it, such as the Sunday World and the Irish Daily Star. We organised this new sexy lingerie shoot to have some fresh shots for her to send out to press throughout the summer when she was away.

tiffany press collageThe shoot was styled by Laura Mullett. You can read about what clothes Laura used on this shoot over on her blog: Tiffany’s hair and make-up were done by the as usual, fantastic Aimee Connolly.

It was great to finally work with Tiffany. She is on my list of “Irish Models to Shoot”, so it was great to be able to make that list a little bit smaller. Once the list has been fully crossed off, I will let you know. I am sure you can guess who else could be on that list whom I have not worked with…. yet.

Check out Tiffany’s own website here:

Karena Graham

Karena Graham-13

Karena Graham is one of Ireland’s most experienced models. She has worked alongside all of Ireland’s top models, Modeled for Ireland’s top brands and shot with Ireland’s top Photographers …*cough cough*. She is Miss Irish Sun 2010 and joins the ranks along the other Miss Irish Suns that I have shot. Speaking of shoots, check out these images from her portfolio shoot recently. She has recently just move to Andrea Roche Agency to become even bigger and better. She came down to me to update her portfolio along with her friend Leah O’Reilly ( her shots). Contact me to book in your own photoshoot to start or update your portfolio.

No doubt as you can spot the obvious that she is the image of Claudia Schiffer. Karena even done a shoot before appearing to be Claudia her self, while Georgia Salpa was there as a Kim kardashian lookalike.  On our shoot, Aimee Connolly  was at hand again with her wonderful Make-up skills. We were looking for some classic black and white looks. As you can see, I think we pulled it off. Karena is fantastic model and is great to work with, she brought plenty of ideas to the shoot and is not afraid to try things out…. which always makes the photographers job easier.

Karena Graham-5

Karena Graham-10


Shout out to Aimee Connolly for the fab hair and makeup work as always.

Layla Flaherty by Richie Buttle

Galway Girl Layla Flaherty

Layla Flaherty by Richie Buttle

If you like your reality TV shows, then Galway Girl Layla Flaherty will be no stranger to you. She was one of the stars of the E4 show Desperate Scousewives, which was based in Liverpool. She was also one of the contestants on the Irish Reality Show, Celebrity Saloon on TV3. Layla dropped down to my studio to get some new shots for her modelling portfolio as she is currently with Assets in Dublin.

Layla Flaherty by Richie Buttle

Layla is stunning and in great shape. The first thing you notice about her when you meet her is her height… she is a towering 5’11 (without heels), just a shade taller that me. She also has fantastic skin also which made Aimee’s job of Hair & Make-up even easier. Aimee did a fantastic job as usual, make sure to check out her FB page Here. As I work with Aimee a lot, we have a good system going and work well together on a shoot.

Layla Flaherty by Richie Buttle

Layla styled the shoot her self, picking up various bits and pieces. One of the sets was from a company called Sexy Smalls@SexySmallsxx). Of course, one of the best shots from the day did not require any styling, the nude shot.You can see from the behind the scenes shot below, how it was set up. The lighting consists of 1 main light ( above centre) and 2 rim lights (rear left & right) to add a hint of separation light. The lights are in pretty close which kept the fall off pretty short and let the white background drop to a dark grey. Add in some light smoke effects ( not really seen here) to add a little something something to the background and presto. The black thing on the left of the image is an iPad which I shoot tethered to. This brings up the images as I shoot them within a few seconds. A great tool for checking focus, hair, make-up etc.

Layla Flaherty by Richie Buttle

  Aimee  making some adjustments to Layla’s hair

It was a super fun shoot (as always) and it was a pleasure to work with Layla. If you are on twitter, you can follow her here @LaylaFlaherty and you can check out her own website,

You can check out the shots in the Irish Sun today:

Lynn Kelly – Ninjamode

Lynn Kelly, the former Miss Universe Ireland (2008) has been causing a bit of a stir lately with her workout regime. Posting workout photos on her Instagram Feed was getting a Lynn lot of attention, and rightly so as she looks incredible. Lynn trains in No. 17 Personal Training, in Merrion Square, Dublin. Indeed since she started training there, a whole team of her fellow Assets models have started to train there, including Hazel O’Sullivan. If you follow Lynn on twitter, you will get the #ninjamode reference 🙂

Lynn had gotten in touch about a year ago to get some new shots for her portfolio, I was really looking forward to it as back then I was still getting my name out there in the photography scene (still am). To work with high-profile and experienced models like Lynn would have been a great addition to my portfolio. However, between different things happening and scheduling conflicts, we kept putting it off… until recently. I got in touch with her again and the timing worked out great for both of us and we made it happen. We planned out a shoot with the aim of getting it published and took it from there. I called up Aimee Connolly to get her on board for Hair & Make-up, she did an amazing job as always.

When planning out a shoot to get it published, what I have learned so far is that there are two main things to take into consideration…. back story and pictures. The back story is the text of the spread, the hook of the shoot. A spread being a double page spread, usually 3/4 of the space is pictures and text and the other 1/4 is adverts. Timing the shoot to coincide with something interesting in the models life will help with getting a shoot published, i.e. the ICA Boot Camp with Rachel Wallace or Tallafornia with Kelly Donegan. If there is nothing interesting happening with the model at the time and if they are not that well-known, then the chances of getting a spread are reduced… you might get a quarter page out of it. If the models are of a higher profile, then you have a better chance of landing a spread. Of course, it goes without saying that back story alone won’t land you a spread, the pictures are going to be the main part of it.  The main rules of thumb that go for the pictures is that sex sells and give the photo editor choice.

For Lynn’s shoot, we decided to focus on her super hot “ninjamode” body that she has been sculpting with the help of John Belton and Sophie Kavanagh… who are now known as #Team17. Initially we were going to shoot in My Studio but Lynn sent me some shots of the gym and I liked the look of, in particular the outdoor gym section. I liked the outdoor section as it is different to a normal gym shoot. There is a big climbing rope out there too and as soon as I saw it I knew the type of shot I wanted to do with it.

Shooting on Location is always a challenge…. but a fun one. It’s great to get out of the studio and to be able to have shots that are different from your usual studio stuff. For this shoot, I decided to keep it as simple as possible in terms of lighting. All of the shots were lit with a single speedlight in an umbrella. Using speedlights is easier and faster than using my Elinchrom studio lights when on location… and in particular when space is tight. Another reason for using the speedlights is that I wanted to shoot at 1.4 for these shoots and the studio strobes would not stop down enough to obtain correct exposure. Helping me out with the light and gear on the day was Jason Ennis. Jason works for me in my School, Sports and Events Photography Company, DE Photo Ireland, so it was good to have him on board and giving him some experience.

Big shout out to John, Kevin and Sophie for helping us out on the day. They have a great setup, go check it out if you’re looking for a gym in Dublin. Thats if for now on the shoot. It was published in the Irish Daily Star and Irish Daily Mail on November 29th. I will be hopefully shooting with Lynn again in January, in studio this time. Stay tuned for that 🙂

In the mean time, follow Team17 on twitter:


Kyla Flaiani – Miss Buck Whaleys 2012

Here is a quick post about a recent shoot with Kyla Flaiani. She has had a busy few months on the press call scene. The winner of Miss Buck Whaleys 2012 and Assets Model, she Represented Buck’s in this years Miss Ireland competition. Kyla and her Mom came down to my studio recently to get some fresh shots for her portfolio.

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle

It was great to meet Kyla and shoot with Kyla again. I had meet her previously when she also entered the Miss Wright Venue competition and made it through to the finals. Aimee Connolly was with us on the day done a great job on the Hair and Make-Up as usual.

From a photography point of view, I was wanted to try out some more shots with the Smoke machine. Smoke can be a great addition to an image, if used right. One has to experiment with it do see what looks good and what looks bad. Another thing I wanted to try out was new light panels that I got. I used them on the shot on the right to give a nice even light on both sides of Kyla.

Thats it for now, its a very short and sweet post as things are super busy here in the studio these days. September Portfolio days are all booked up but stay tuned to see when the October dates are announced.


Rachel Wallace in Studio


Heressss Rachel, back on the blog for her third outing. I am a little late with this shoot as this was back in late February, better late than never though right 😉 . It is a good sigh when you are too busy to blog because you are two busy shooting portraits in Studio during the week and Sports & Events with DE Photo at the weekends.

Rachel came down to my studio for a shoot  on a Saturday to get some extra shots for our spread in the SUN, which was a piece on her being in the ICA Bootcamp on RTÉ. We had got plenty of images in the shoot a few days before in the Hotel Shoot, however it so happened that we were both free that day and Rachel popped down for some extra shots… and also to have the craic. My studio is just over an hour down the road from Dublin so it was a quick journey for her. See all my published stuff HERE

Amy Mcguire was also free on the day and she came over for a few hours. Amy is a talented Make-Up Artist who lives pretty close near Gorey, which is handy. Amy uses proper airbrushing to apply makeup and it gives a great finish. I have worked with Amy a few times now and we always have the craic shooting.

So for this shoot, we didnt have a set style in mind, we just wanted some fun, cute and sexy shots… as thats what the papers usually like. So bikinis and lingerie were the order of the day. We used this cute blue/white set along with a pink/white version. I prefer the look of the blue set, but the girls liked the pink set better. For the pink set, Amy “dolled” up the makeup a bit more and added some pony tails for a cute effect.

I shot both of these in the lighting style that I am liking more and more each time I use it, as I think it suits the simple look of the studio space. Its a simple 3 light setup, with a main 135cm Octa bank on camera right giving a nice big soft light along with 2x 60cm softboxes to the rear and side of Rachel as rim lights. Simple yet effective.. A large diffusion panel is used on the left to add a tiny bit of fill light on the left side of Rachel to fill in the shadows a bit. Simples.

The large space in the studio means that I can use my 200mm 2.8 at the 150-200mm range while Rachel is close enough to still get her full body in. Although the lights at their lowest power still give F4, even at F4, with the subject close and with a 200mm focal length, the background still goes out of focus beautifully. A pretty nice shallow depth of field is still achievable with this lense at F5.6…. even F8 is you are zoomed all the way in at 2oomm and your subject is at the minimum focus range… great for portraits. Some times with two shallow a depth of field and you can get problems with one eye being in focus and the other out of focus is the face is not straight on etc.

After we had got the shots that we needed, we now turned to playing and getting our own shots. This is usually the best part of a shoot, the testing and experimenting part. I have an idea in my head for a real moody black and white…. Kate Moss type shot. I had Rachel in mind for this shot specifically as I knew from BEFORE that she could pull it off. Rachel is a super poser, every time that flash went she was instantly in a different look and post, like a true pro. One of these shots ended up bing one my my favorite shots (below).

Thats about it for now. Plenty of shoots to come over the next while, from clients, to portfolios and test shoots, so check back soon 🙂