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If you have been following my blog / work for a while ( let’s face it… you’re just here for the hot women) then you would know that I Rachel Wallace and I go back a few years. You can catch up with all of¬†Rachel’s shoots here.

I am still in catch up mode with getting older work up here on the website that I should have done years ago, hence why the lack of much background info on a shoot. It is just because I shot this last year and I just can’t remember the particulars ūüôā . This post is actually a combination of two shoots though, one quick shoot with just me and Rachel and the other was when Rachel popped down with Eve Ryan for a shoot.



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Hayley Ryan Test Shoot


Hayley Ryan is one of the most famous press call models of yesterday year. The stunning good looks and fab body could often ben see in the papers for various pr purposes. She has been with Assets Agency for most of that time as far as I know.

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Hayley dropped down with her heavily pregnant friend Olivia Byrne who is also great at Hair & Makeup. Olivia got a few cool bump pictures for herself also.


It was amazing working with Hayley, obviously her stunning looks makes any photographer’s job that big easier. For this particular shoot, I loved Hayley’s tan lines. I would think that most other photographers would retouch out the tan lines, however I am not that big into retouching and plus, I think it adds a natural, edgy look to the shoots.

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Aoife Walsh – Miss Ireland 2013


Tipperary Teacher, Aoife Walsh was crowned Miss Ireland for 2013. She was a very deserving winner too in my eyes and one of my favourite Miss Ireland’s to shoot. Her fantastic red hair adds to the quintessential Irish’ness about her and would do her proud on the Miss World stage. Unfortunately that didn’t work out for her, but she still had a great year as Miss Ireland and has plenty of modeling work here to keep her going.

140312_aoife_877It was great to get her down in studio for a shoot. We had done the usual Twitter and Facebook chats about doing a shoot and it eventually came together.  A lot of time when trying to organise a shoot with people online, the interest can fizzle out. But not this time.

140312_aoife_772We had a great team on board for the shoot. Fellow Wexfordian Laura Mullett (http://www.lauramullett.com/) styled the shoot. I have worked with Laura before  and she always brings fantastic style to shoot.  Sophie Wong was at hand for fantastic Makeup for Aoife as well as Hair Styling. Sophie is also Wexford based, so it was a nice local team in studio.

It was a great shoot, covering lots of looks from some Raceday looks to some fashion and headshots. The shot above with the blue bodysuit from American Apparel is one my favs. It was actually a test shoot that turned out great. I just really liked Aoife’s post and expression…. I can’t remember what I was jabbering on about at the time, trying to keep her entertained¬†while doing the test shots. I used my white setup and flash bracket for this shot. You can see other posts on the “White Wall” HERE


Rachel Wallace – Pre Op

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If you follow Rachel, when you know that she recently underwent breast enlargement surgery…. recently as in last year… I am still a few months behind on blogging about shoots. She dropped down to do her last shoot before before she went under the knife to get some shots for the Sunday World¬†who are covering the transformation. Rachel is being being very open and public about the change which is in contrast to most people who get it done. Some people would deny that they had them done… but nope, not Rachel.

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Rachel, being a former gymnast always had an athletic figure. She still felt that she needed a bit more to pursue the type of modelling opportunities that she wanted though and the operation was the route for her. At the time of writing this blog post, I have a new shoot with Rachel with her new assets currently being retouched so you will be able to check for your self to see if you like the results. So check this link to view that and all my shoots with Rachel.

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Rachel Wallace Published

Rachel came down with Sinead Duffy¬†on the day. Both girls were getting shots for press and we done some fun shots of them together also. They will be for another post ūüôā . Styling on the day was done by Laura Mullett. We had a bit of fun both in and out of the studio that day. There is an old Rolls Royce on the grounds of the studio here and so we put that to good use, taking some inspiration from Rosie Huntington shoot. The girls done their own hair and make-up on the day of the shoot as it was a relaxed, fun day. Some times not having a big team around and having a more relaxed shoot is a lot better.

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Sinead Duffy back in Studio

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Sinead Duffy, teacher and Andrea Roche Model¬†is back in studio for her 3rd shoot. She is the current Miss Irish Sun¬†and is going to be for an extra year this year. The Miss Irish Sun competition is an entry pathway into the Miss Universe Ireland competition. As there is no Miss Universe Ireland this year, that means no Miss Irish Sun competition ( I think… don’t quote me¬†on that). So that leaves Sinead to hold the title for an extra year. I have shot with Sinead before ¬†( see all Sinead’s Shoots here), always a great laugh working with her.

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This was a test shoot that we organised with Stylist Laura Mullet (www.lauramullett.com) Sinead dropped with Rachel Wallace. Laura had some cool ideas looks for the girls to try out so it worked great. Sinead applied her own makeup for the shoot and styled her own hair, which is by Great Lengths. It was a small team for the shoot, but sometimes for quick fun shoot / test shoot days, a small team is all thats needed.

I shot the green jacket against the white wall using the flash bracket as I discussed before. I have plenty more shoots to come soon with this technique.  I am still working with it a lot, figure out different ways to use it and get the best out of it. It definitely gives a different look to the images and there is a time and place for it. In using it more and more to know as much as there is to know about it. Just like any light modifier, to know it perfectly also means that you know when not to use it. For example, if you wanted to shoot a beauty portrait, you would not be using one of these due to the harshness of the light.

The shots were published in the Irish Sun and Sunday Independent Life Magazine.

2013-11-08-125407 2014-01-14-104025

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Holly Keating

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Holly Keating is back on the blog after a few months absence. We last seen on on the Flutterby Shoot and her own shoot before that. She dropped down to get some new pics for her book and to have some shoots available for press.

The team for Holly’s shoot was made up of stylist Laura Mullett,¬†makeup artist Aimee Connolly¬†and hairstylist Edel Jones¬†– The dream team. The styling for this shoot was edgier than before and this is also reflected in the lighting. I am using my Custom Flash bracket at lot at this point and I used it for most of the shots that you see here. This is all part of the Terry Richardson inspiration as mentioned before

Holly Keating--1

Holly look great in these shots. I worked with her on this shoot to bring out her confidence more and let it shot in an image. Being confident and actually letting it show can be two different things. Looking confident is all in the eyes and the pose for me. Getting the right expression is key for me and its what I focus on when working with my subjects… weather they are models or not.

If you want to book a shoot, get in touch here. You can book a shoot to get some nice portraits for your self or to update your model portfolio.


Lucia Scerbikova in Studio


Lucia is an experienced commercial / press call model with Assets. It was great to finally get her down in studio to update her portfolio a bit. I have Michelle Murphy on Hair and Chantelle Thomas working with me on Makeup for the shoot.


Lucia is a stunning model and a mother of two kids to booth, she keeps her figure amazing. She is pretty tall also, as that behind the scenes shot shows, Michelle and Chantel are struggling to do touchups.



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Shooting with the amazing @luciascerbikova from Assets. Fab makeup by @ChantelleMThomas. Hair by Michelle Murphy

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