Amanda – Portrait Session


The beautiful Amanda booked her own portrait session a few weeks ago in my Wexford Studio. Amanda is not a model nor is she signed with any agency. She is a normal, regular girl who just wanted some nice photos of her self, like a lot of you out there. This is the work that I really enjoy doing. It is taking a normal, real person who is not a model and being able to provide them with a great experience and some great images at the end of it. A photoshoot is not just about the images, its about the pampering, the hair, the make-up and the experience of feeling beautiful and sexy….. the general transformation. One thing I may start doing in future is taking before and after shots, showing the transformation that takes place.

Amanda is originally from Brazil and is here living in Ireland for a few years now. She was great to work with and looked great. I worked with the local & fantastic Make-Up Artist Cathrine Richard ( ) for the first time on this shoot. Catherine done Amanda’s Make-up and Hair for the day, she she done a fantastic job.

The cloths and styling were provided by the talented Carmel Daly. I have worked with Carmel a few times now and she never disappoints.  Carmel’s job was to get cloths to match the criteria that Amande wanted. Amanda give a rough idea as to the type of shots that she wanted.

If you want to book in for your own make over photo-shoot, then drop me an email on and I can give you the details.

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Rachel Wallace – Miss Sunday World 2010

Rachel Wallace - Studio -22

Rachel Wallace is the 2010 Miss Sunday World. Rachel came down to my studio with her friend Hazel for some fun and a shoot. It was a fun-filled few hours that resulted in some great shots that got published in the Sunday World (Oct 9th). See the tear sheet here. Along with being a former Miss Sunday World, Rachel is also signed with Assets Model Agency. She is a great model and fun to work with. The girl can pull more looks in 20 seconds than most. That skill / confidence level help making the short video so easy. The styling was provided by Carmel Daly. Unfortunately she was not able to make it down on the day of the shoot, she sent Rachel down very organised with plenty of out fits for the shoot.

** Edit ** See our Second Shoot here

Earlier images from this shoot which showed a Rachel smoking caused a little debate. Being honest, I knew it would and that is why the pictures were posted. I thought it was better to have people talking about your work over something such as smoking, rather than it not being noticed at all. You can see the post in question HERE.

This was the second shoot in my new studio and I am still very much in the testing phase. I am not ready to do up a full-blown post on the new studio just yet. I need to get to grips with it more, learn all its faults and failings before I can give a comprehensive write-up on it.

Rachel Wallace - Studio -13

The first shoot in the new studio was with Lydia a short while ago.  Shooting in the studio has been interesting so far. It is just as much of a challenge as shooting on location. When you are on location, you have an extra element to use for your composition…. be it a building, a beach etc. The location becomes part of the subject. Adding a model into the frame then should then be complemented by the location and vise versa. Being on a location means that you are there to shoot it as you see it (usually) and you are not going to be chopping and changing anything majorly around. The main thing that you would usually be controlling if your lighting, and its the lighting that sets the look of the shot.

Shooting on location results in unique results each time. This is why my body of work has been so diverse to date. Shooting in the studio will mean consistency and this will change the flow of my portfolio from its current state. The current state being one of loads of unique shots, and that being changed (maybe) to one of many similar style shots. This ultimately is not a bad thing, it just depends on the how you want your portfolio to look. Being able to create a different looking set of images in the same space with the same equipment seems daunting. Is it necessary?

I will do up a more detailed post on studio shooting once my is fully finished.

Rachel Wallace - Studio -12

I decided to play around with the video function of the Canon 1D mkIV during the shoot also. No point in paying all that cash for a piece of equipment if you don’t at least try to get the full use out of it right. Rachel was a great model to try it out with, that goes back to her fun personality and her skill in being able to change pose so well.