Leah O’Reilly in Studio

Meet Assets Agency model Leah O’Reilly. She is a popular Lingerie and Presscall model and she is amazing to work with. Leah is not just a pretty face, she is also a shrewd businesswoman also. She is one half of top Irish Jewelry company Crystals and Co along with Emily Mackeogh. Their “About Us” blurb goes along the lines of …. Crystals and Co launched in November 2009 by best friends and business partners Leah O’Reilly and Emily Mackeogh. Spotting a gap in the market for affordable, good quality on trend costume jewellery and accessories the girls started to collect their favorites and design their own pieces.

Leah dropped down to my studio a while about along with her friend Karena Graham. Karena was coming down for a portfolio update and I have been talking to Leah for ages about getting her down for a shoot, so the sun and moons aligned just right and it worked out nicely. Leah is busy girl with the business so getting a time when both of us were free was difficult.

Leah O'Reilly-7


Leah O'Reilly-6

I love this shot above of Leah. It is a beautiful natural laugh that I caught just after telling her one of my famous bad jokes. I believe that having a laugh on a shoot is very important. Having fun and a bit of craic is what it is all about.

Here is a super quick instagram video of Leah’s prints coming out of my printer. I print all my own portfolios and work in-house, right up to A1 poster size.

Aimee Connolly was once again at hand with her fantastic make-up skills. Make sure to check out her FaceBook Make, Make-up By Aimee. In terms of styling, Leah styled her self for this shoot. She had some ideas as to what she wanted to achieve from the shoot. After getting the gist of them and tweaking it a bit, the above is the result.

Karena Graham

Karena Graham-13

Karena Graham is one of Ireland’s most experienced models. She has worked alongside all of Ireland’s top models, Modeled for Ireland’s top brands and shot with Ireland’s top Photographers …*cough cough*. She is Miss Irish Sun 2010 and joins the ranks along the other Miss Irish Suns that I have shot. Speaking of shoots, check out these images from her portfolio shoot recently. She has recently just move to Andrea Roche Agency to become even bigger and better. She came down to me to update her portfolio along with her friend Leah O’Reilly ( her shots). Contact me to book in your own photoshoot to start or update your portfolio.

No doubt as you can spot the obvious that she is the image of Claudia Schiffer. Karena even done a shoot before appearing to be Claudia her self, while Georgia Salpa was there as a Kim kardashian lookalike.  On our shoot, Aimee Connolly  was at hand again with her wonderful Make-up skills. We were looking for some classic black and white looks. As you can see, I think we pulled it off. Karena is fantastic model and is great to work with, she brought plenty of ideas to the shoot and is not afraid to try things out…. which always makes the photographers job easier.

Karena Graham-5

Karena Graham-10


Shout out to Aimee Connolly for the fab hair and makeup work as always.

Hazel O'Sullivan by Richie Buttle

Hazel O’Sullivan St.Valentines Day Shoot for the Irish Sun

Hazel O’Sullivan is back in the studio for her latest photoshoot. This sexy St. Valentine’s Day photoshoot was shoot exclusively for the Irish Sun. The theme of the shoot with a good bride / bad bride, it worked out pretty well.  Here is the behind the scene video by Alan Farrell / Timeline Production. You can see all the shots in tomorrows paper *edit* you can see them here: http://www.thesun.ie/irishsol/homepage/news/article4787433.ece


This is not the first time I had a camera crew with me on a shoot. The first time was was on a shoot with Rachel Wallace as part of her ICA Bootcamp appearance. It was good meeting Alan & Andy on the day to film Hazel for her behind the scenes video. Make sure to check it out here .

The Team
Styling // Deborah Bux
MUA // Sharleen Collins
Hair // Hotloxs & Deja Vu Hair Design
Video // Alan Farrell of Timeline Production
Assistant & BTS Photos // Andy Petterson

Hazel O’Sullivan – Darts Babe

Hazel O’Sullivan is back in the papers this week, this time promoting the Party Poker Darts World Grand Prix in the City West Hotel. Hazel & Kelly Donegan are the two walk on girls for the darts on Sky sports. They are very popular with the darts crowd, both here and in the UK. The shots here were published in the Irish Sun on Wednesday last. We shot these in Vanilla Night Club, Dublin. Big thanks to Pedro & Ruben for all the help.

This is my 3rd shoot with Hazel is just over a month. The first one being her first shoot with her new dark hair, you can see that shoot Here. Hazel’s hair for this shoot was done by Hatim from Deja Vu Hair Design, Goasttown. Keep checking the blog here for shoots with Hazel as we have lots of shots coming in the pipeline.

Buy Posters of Hazel here: www.richie.ie/hazel

Joanne Martin moves to Assets Agency

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle

Joanne Martin is a stunning model from Dublin. The 23 year old Blonde has recently been on ICA Boot camp, along with fellow Assets girls Rachel Wallace & Lisa Nolan, both of whom I have shot in the past.

Joanne and I have been trying to organise a shoot for ages, but it never worked out. Her boyfriend, Joey O’Brien is a footballer in the UK, so due to her traveling between the UK , time was always against us. However, early in the Summer when Compton Agency closed down, Joanne was looking for a new agency. She was signed by Assets Agency  and we finally got around to shooting some fresh looks for her portfolio update.

We also shot with the intention of sending out the images to print. I do my usual routine of taking the shots, sending them out with a back story and seeing what bites. The Dubliner picked it up and ran the image to the right as the cover while running two other image in the articles. You can see the spread on my page of published work.

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle

The shoot went great. We shot a wide range of looks ranging from some fashion & casual to lingerie and swimwear. We finished up with my usual slicked back, wet hair look with a black top. It contrasts great against the white background. Everyone who comes down for a shoot loves that look.

The styling on the day was provided by Steph Slevin Weatherston (facebook.com/steph.slevinweatherston). It was my first time working with Steph and she was great. It’s always nice working on a shoot when the team are relaxed, getting along and open to new ideas.

Joanne’s Hair & Make-up was done by the fantastic as always, Aimee Connolly. If you follow my blog, you will know that work with Aimee a lot these days. We have a good system going and know how each other work. Make sure to check out her Facebook Page and give her an old “Like” : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Make-Up-by-Aimee/250118835023469


Photoshoot by Richie Buttle Here is a cute outtake shot. The key light did not fire, but the background lights did. It resulted in a nice silhouette. I will be putting up a setup post for this shoot soon.

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle



Sarah Connolly

I am on a bit of a blogaton these last few days. I have lots of shoots to get up and show you guys. If I don’t do it now, I will either forget or get to busy again and they might never see the light of day. will never get them up. The down side of being so busy is that you don’t have as much time to blog. So I am playing catch up for the next few days. The shots are mostly my recent batch of studio work. I have developed a few looks now at this stage that I am happy with. So it is time to look ahead and develop a few new looks in the studio. In the mean time though….

Here are a few images of Sarah from an older shoot. Sarah had just signed with Assets and needed some new shots for her portfolio to get her up and running. Sarah has plenty of experience in the events and promotions world, working for Monster Energy. Sarah didn’t have any experience in front of a camera however, but that didn’t stop her from getting some great shots. Every one is a little shy at the start of a session, but by the last look, they are usually rocking it. Sarah was really rocking her last look in the body suit, as you can see here.

Sarah’s hair and make-up on the day was done by the fantastic Amy McGuire. Amy is located down the road from me near Courtown and specialises in air brushing. I have shot with Amy a few times now and it’s always a pleasure. The air brushing method is a fantastic way to put on make-up. It goes on perfectly and looks great on the camera. Make sure to Check out Amy’s page to check out her work, rates & other services: https://www.facebook.com/amymcguiremakeup

Get in touch to organise your own photoshoot. Remember, a shoot is not just for people looking to do modelling, its for any one who wants to have some beautiful pictures of them selves to have.





Rachel Wallace in Studio


Heressss Rachel, back on the blog for her third outing. I am a little late with this shoot as this was back in late February, better late than never though right 😉 . It is a good sigh when you are too busy to blog because you are two busy shooting portraits in Studio during the week and Sports & Events with DE Photo at the weekends.

Rachel came down to my studio for a shoot  on a Saturday to get some extra shots for our spread in the SUN, which was a piece on her being in the ICA Bootcamp on RTÉ. We had got plenty of images in the shoot a few days before in the Hotel Shoot, however it so happened that we were both free that day and Rachel popped down for some extra shots… and also to have the craic. My studio is just over an hour down the road from Dublin so it was a quick journey for her. See all my published stuff HERE

Amy Mcguire was also free on the day and she came over for a few hours. Amy is a talented Make-Up Artist who lives pretty close near Gorey, which is handy. Amy uses proper airbrushing to apply makeup and it gives a great finish. I have worked with Amy a few times now and we always have the craic shooting.

So for this shoot, we didnt have a set style in mind, we just wanted some fun, cute and sexy shots… as thats what the papers usually like. So bikinis and lingerie were the order of the day. We used this cute blue/white set along with a pink/white version. I prefer the look of the blue set, but the girls liked the pink set better. For the pink set, Amy “dolled” up the makeup a bit more and added some pony tails for a cute effect.

I shot both of these in the lighting style that I am liking more and more each time I use it, as I think it suits the simple look of the studio space. Its a simple 3 light setup, with a main 135cm Octa bank on camera right giving a nice big soft light along with 2x 60cm softboxes to the rear and side of Rachel as rim lights. Simple yet effective.. A large diffusion panel is used on the left to add a tiny bit of fill light on the left side of Rachel to fill in the shadows a bit. Simples.

The large space in the studio means that I can use my 200mm 2.8 at the 150-200mm range while Rachel is close enough to still get her full body in. Although the lights at their lowest power still give F4, even at F4, with the subject close and with a 200mm focal length, the background still goes out of focus beautifully. A pretty nice shallow depth of field is still achievable with this lense at F5.6…. even F8 is you are zoomed all the way in at 2oomm and your subject is at the minimum focus range… great for portraits. Some times with two shallow a depth of field and you can get problems with one eye being in focus and the other out of focus is the face is not straight on etc.

After we had got the shots that we needed, we now turned to playing and getting our own shots. This is usually the best part of a shoot, the testing and experimenting part. I have an idea in my head for a real moody black and white…. Kate Moss type shot. I had Rachel in mind for this shot specifically as I knew from BEFORE that she could pull it off. Rachel is a super poser, every time that flash went she was instantly in a different look and post, like a true pro. One of these shots ended up bing one my my favorite shots (below).

Thats about it for now. Plenty of shoots to come over the next while, from clients, to portfolios and test shoots, so check back soon 🙂


Hannah Healy on the Beach

hannah- bikini -3s

Here are the final images from a shoot with Hannah Healy out at Portmarnock beach recently. Hannah was also in DIT and we meet through the Fashion show. Hannah is a surf chick so it was a great theme for a shoot. She came all the way over from Galway with her board to shoot with me for a few hours.

I was using my Nikon D40 as usual with the 35mm 1.8 AF-S Lens. In front of the lense was a Hoya circular polarizing filter. It’s pretty much my standard setup these days when shooting out doors. Other bits of kit used on the shoot were basic reflectors, gold side used and my trusty strobes. The strobes has 1/2 cto gels on them to balance for ambient light and they were triggered by either the radio trigger or optical slave.

The above two images were from the later end of the shoot. They veered from the surf theme a bit and we tried a bit of a more of a fashion look. We only spent 10-15mins on this look as the light was fading very fast behind her. The lighting set up is fairly basic, just two strobes at either end of her, ask described in the diagram below:
The power of the left one would have been in the 1/2 range. The wide angle adaptor was used, so that and the gel took a bit of light power. The right strobe was any where from 1/2  in the top frame I think and 1/8 in the second. Although the right light in the top frame is a little hot, I kinda like the effect and the resultant lens flare.

I like this shot. I adjusted the various colour channels in light room to get the right black and white conversion. The lighting on this shot is coming from camera right, the sun and camera left, gold reflector.  It was just the two of us on the shoot so no assistances to help out. I some how managed to eye up a shot in the camera with the right hand and then lean over and use a small reflector in my left and to put some light on her face, took a few attempts but we got it eventually 🙂

hannah-surf -2s

We were playing around with various angles for this one. Hannah moved the board to the middle of her face and it caught my eye, so I thought there was a shot in it. The sun is coming in from the rear left, so the face is underexposed. I set up the flash just behind my left shoulder on a stand to provide some fill on her face. You can make it out in the catch light on her eye on the bigger version.

I like the shot above, the light turned out great. Just one strobe camera left and the sunlight camera / rear left. This shot is very neat straight out of camera. Could nearly be confused with something from a magazine 🙂