Rachel Wallace – Post Op


Rachel Wallace once again graces the studio with her presence for a test shoot. I might as well call Rachel my muse at this stage as we have shot together so much. The reason why we have shot together so much… because we just create awesomeness together.

This time, Rachel brought down her dog with her for the shoot, so naturally we had to get some shots in with her, after the pee was cleaned up of course. Rachel is a huge dog lover, if you follow her on Instagram you will see what I mean.


The shoot in general was a press shoot. It was the first time I had shoot with Rachel since her much talked about boob job with the Sunday World. You can see her Pre-Op shoot here that we done a few months ago. Some of the shoot from this shoot were picked up by the Irish Sun. You can see all my other published work here.

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Rachel Wallace – Pre Op

Rachel Wallace by Richie Buttle -1320

If you follow Rachel, when you know that she recently underwent breast enlargement surgery…. recently as in last year… I am still a few months behind on blogging about shoots. She dropped down to do her last shoot before before she went under the knife to get some shots for the Sunday World who are covering the transformation. Rachel is being being very open and public about the change which is in contrast to most people who get it done. Some people would deny that they had them done… but nope, not Rachel.

130920--156Rachel Wallace by Richie Buttle -1315

Rachel, being a former gymnast always had an athletic figure. She still felt that she needed a bit more to pursue the type of modelling opportunities that she wanted though and the operation was the route for her. At the time of writing this blog post, I have a new shoot with Rachel with her new assets currently being retouched so you will be able to check for your self to see if you like the results. So check this link to view that and all my shoots with Rachel.

Rachel Wallace by Richie Buttle -1308

Rachel Wallace Published

Rachel came down with Sinead Duffy on the day. Both girls were getting shots for press and we done some fun shots of them together also. They will be for another post 🙂 . Styling on the day was done by Laura Mullett. We had a bit of fun both in and out of the studio that day. There is an old Rolls Royce on the grounds of the studio here and so we put that to good use, taking some inspiration from Rosie Huntington shoot. The girls done their own hair and make-up on the day of the shoot as it was a relaxed, fun day. Some times not having a big team around and having a more relaxed shoot is a lot better.

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Lucia Scerbikova in Studio


Lucia is an experienced commercial / press call model with Assets. It was great to finally get her down in studio to update her portfolio a bit. I have Michelle Murphy on Hair and Chantelle Thomas working with me on Makeup for the shoot.


Lucia is a stunning model and a mother of two kids to booth, she keeps her figure amazing. She is pretty tall also, as that behind the scenes shot shows, Michelle and Chantel are struggling to do touchups.



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Shooting with the amazing @luciascerbikova from Assets. Fab makeup by @ChantelleMThomas. Hair by Michelle Murphy

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Rebecca Bowers

Rebecca Bowers -6

Yes it is 2014 and I am still posting up shoots from July 2013. Here is Rebecca Bowers, cousin of Lydia Bowers who is no stranger to the blog here. Rebecca came down with Lydia for the beach shoot. Rebecca came down that day for the craic and also to get a few quick shots done herself.

Rebecca is currently signed with Assets Agency and is going down the lingerie modelling route. As you can see from the photos, she has a fantastic figure for it. Rebecca is coming back to me for a full portfolio shoot in February, so check back again to see those photos.

Rebecca Bowers -1

Nicola Hughes – Press Shoot

Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes, the stunning Andrea Roche model and Miss Irish Sun 2012 makes her second appearance on the blog this time around. It was no accident that Nicola won the Miss Irish Sun title last year. The blonde bombshell is in fantastic shape these days as the pictures show….. thanks of a lot time dedicated to the gym and eating healthy.

instagram- nicolah2

Nicola got in touch to get some new shots for her book and also to get some shots for press. The main goal of this shoot  was to get some high class lingerie shots and also some sexier shots for press. Nicola had a few inspiration images that she wanted to try and recreate, with our own twist of course. The shots that we took looked great, however as times are changing, they were a little too sexy for the press. Since the Irish Sun have stopped doing Page3 ,then are looking for a different kind of shot. There is indeed a fine line between trashy and classy sometimes. But hopefully I manage to stay on the classy side of it. If I don’t feel free to let me know in the comments 🙂

Nicola Hughes --4Nicola styled her self for this shoot. The looks were not that complicated and she had the bits her self. Aimee Connolly was in studio to apply make-up and Edel Jones was in studio to work her magic on Nicola’s Hair. Hair is one thing that I never really mention much on the blog, or specifically extensions. Nicola’s extensions are by Great Lengths Ireland. Hair extensions are not cheap, so one of the ways that the models can get them at highly discounted prices, or even for free is by getting the hair mentioned in press credits and in the media where possible. Fair deal really, you get a product in return you promote the product.

In the image just above, you can see my cyclorama in background. Although it is painted white, is drops off to gray due to a lack of light hitting it. Reduce the light even more and it would appear a darker shade of grey and eventually turn black. For those of you who are not into photography… that can blow some minds. It blew my mind with I first started to learn about lighting. “Why is this appearing grey even though it is painted white“, used to be the question I would ask my self. It was not until I started to experiment with lights and take test shots, that it all started to make sense. If you’re looking to learn more about lighting for photography, one book that you need to check out is “Light, Science and Magic” from Amazon.

Leah Duff – Test Shoot

Leah Duff -1

Here are a few images from a super quick test shoot with Assets Model, Leah Duff a while ago. Leah dropped down with her sister Carla for two hours of shooting. Carla studied fashion at Portobello and so was available to put together a few looks for Leah.

We actually shot this a few months ago, when I had just finished building my Cyc wall and needed to do some test shots with it. Like any new photographic equipment, a lot of testing with it is required in order to be able to see what it can do etc. Nearly 9 months on since I actually finished it, I am still learning new things with it.

Once I get a bit more free time and get updated with my other blogs posts, I will do up a post on the Building of the Cyclorama.

Leah Duff -6

At home with Catriona

Catorina Barron -7

Here are a few images from a super quick, casual shoot with Catriona Barron from Wexford. I first met Catriona from a group shoot day that rented my studio a few months ago. She was one of the make-up artists on the day. We kept in touch and Catriona liked the idea of getting a few shots done for her self, so here we are.

It is nice to get out of the studio to shot some times. Shooting on location is how I started off before I got developed the studio. I had nearly forgotten what it was like to have to lug speedlights around on lights stands and the challenge of figuring out how to light each unique location…… great fun all together.

The post title might be a little bit misleading in that is not an all natural light shoot. It is a mix of natural light and some very soft fill flash. The walls in this room were white, so they made great natural reflectors for bouncing around some extra flash. The shot does not instantly look like it was flash due to the balance of the flash and the ambient lights and the quality of the light.

Catorina Barron -6

I can’t recall exactly the power settings I used, but I can guess is that I wanted it to be about a 1/3 to 1 stop under the ambient. Normally to achieve this I would dial in -1 stop in the flash. However in this case, because there was so much white in the room, the flash was already metering for the white and being roughly a stop under and looked great. So I left it. When technology is working… leave it be 🙂

The other aspect was the quality of the light. This basically how hard or soft it is. The light in these images is very soft. I achieved this by taking the flash and bouncing it off the wall or bit of a wall that was behind me. As the walls are white, light bounces all around the room and does not pick up a colour cast, so all is good.

Kelsey Flood’s Portfolio Shoot

Kelsey Flood-2

If you shop online and have checked out Ismodo.com, then you will reconise Kelsey Flood ( @KelseyFlood). She works for Ismodo as their in-house model along with working in the sales department. Kelsey has being doing shoots with various photographers for a while now… a quick google search can help you find a lot of her previous work to date.  Kelsey booked her shoot with me looking to get something a little different for her portfolio. We shot a couple of varied looks that morning, what you see here are kelsey’s favorites from the shoot.

Kelsey Flood-11

Kelsey’s first pic was this shot in a beige leotard. The first thing you notice about this shot and Kelsey in general is her hair. Her hair is her pride and joy…. and it is all natural. Not Great Length or Hotloxs extension in sight. Seeing hair like this is truly rare in models these days as most have some form of extension.

The first look was shot on my new ( at the time) Infinity Curve ( post coming soon). An infinity curve is basically a white floor connected to a white wall via a curve to give a seamless effect…. or infinite background. They can also be called cyclorama, Cyc Wall, endless wall … along with a few other names. I built a 6.5m wide one at one end of my studio. You can use white background paper, but doesn’t last forever and is expensive. Paper is limited in its width, so you can not shoot large groups on it. I use a lot of background paper for various reasons, so the curve ( or stage as my non-photography friends and family are calling it) will pay for itself.

Kelsey Flood-9

The above shot is another of Kelsey’s favourites. It’s a classic topless, yes beautiful shot. Shots like this are simple and effective. I used the rugged look of one of the studio corners as a background, a single light on Kelsey. Shooting at F1.8 on a Canon 50mm throws the background nicely out of focus and isolates Kelsey… and all that hair 🙂

Kelsey Flood-1


The last look of the shoot, and most shoots is the wet hair look. Kelsey loved this look as she had never done anything like this before. It is funny that a lot of people do not want to do the wet hair look on the day, but after a bit of convincing, it usually turns out to be their favourite shoot. This shot in particular I really like Kelsey’s expression. Her eyes are confident and her slightly open lips soften up the whole look. Some people may purse their lips which is generally unappealing.

The make-up in the shot above is fabulous, another reason why I like it. Aimee Connolly done the make-up for Kelsey along with her hair for the shoot. If you would like to book in a shoot with the dream team in my studio, check out my next available dates on my “Book Me” page. Remember, you don’t need to be a model to have beautiful pictures of your self 🙂


Kelsey in the make-up chair with Aimee