Sarah Connolly

I am on a bit of a blogaton these last few days. I have lots of shoots to get up and show you guys. If I don’t do it now, I will either forget or get to busy again and they might never see the light of day. will never get them up. The down side of being so busy is that you don’t have as much time to blog. So I am playing catch up for the next few days. The shots are mostly my recent batch of studio work. I have developed a few looks now at this stage that I am happy with. So it is time to look ahead and develop a few new looks in the studio. In the mean time though….

Here are a few images of Sarah from an older shoot. Sarah had just signed with Assets and needed some new shots for her portfolio to get her up and running. Sarah has plenty of experience in the events and promotions world, working for Monster Energy. Sarah didn’t have any experience in front of a camera however, but that didn’t stop her from getting some great shots. Every one is a little shy at the start of a session, but by the last look, they are usually rocking it. Sarah was really rocking her last look in the body suit, as you can see here.

Sarah’s hair and make-up on the day was done by the fantastic Amy McGuire. Amy is located down the road from me near Courtown and specialises in air brushing. I have shot with Amy a few times now and it’s always a pleasure. The air brushing method is a fantastic way to put on make-up. It goes on perfectly and looks great on the camera. Make sure to Check out Amy’s page to check out her work, rates & other services:

Get in touch to organise your own photoshoot. Remember, a shoot is not just for people looking to do modelling, its for any one who wants to have some beautiful pictures of them selves to have.





Faye Rooney in Studio

120426--629 copy

Here is another well overdue shoot to appear on the blog. The blog is well behind these days. The plus side is that it means that I am too busy to shooting and editing to be able to put up posts. Although I don’t put up every shoot that I do, I do try to get the majority of them up. So here it goes.

I recently had the  pleasure of shooting with Faye Rooney (Miss Wright Venue 2011) again recently. Faye came for some new shots. I first shot Faye back in  October 2011 when she was the Miss Wright Venue. She is now an employee of the Venue, looking after the VIP Penthouse.

I cracked out the Orbis Ring Flash ( ) for some of these shots. I haven’t used it in a while so I said why not. The orbis has been pretty good to me in the past. Not the cheapest accessory, but it is great quality. It is super  strong and very well made. It has taken a few knocks from me now and hasn’t got a mark on it.

In terms of a showing you a lighting setup shot with the Orbis….. there is not much to show as it is on the camera. The light comes from the same direction each time. The only thing that you can really vary to get different effects is the distance your subject is from the light and the distance your subject is from the background.

Nicole Spain from Flutterby Fashion Styling was at hand to source the cloths for this look and the other looks that we shoot on the day. Amy MaGuire ( ) provided her fantastic make-up skills for the day.

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120426--544 copy


120426--548 copy

Rachel Wallace in Studio


Heressss Rachel, back on the blog for her third outing. I am a little late with this shoot as this was back in late February, better late than never though right 😉 . It is a good sigh when you are too busy to blog because you are two busy shooting portraits in Studio during the week and Sports & Events with DE Photo at the weekends.

Rachel came down to my studio for a shoot  on a Saturday to get some extra shots for our spread in the SUN, which was a piece on her being in the ICA Bootcamp on RTÉ. We had got plenty of images in the shoot a few days before in the Hotel Shoot, however it so happened that we were both free that day and Rachel popped down for some extra shots… and also to have the craic. My studio is just over an hour down the road from Dublin so it was a quick journey for her. See all my published stuff HERE

Amy Mcguire was also free on the day and she came over for a few hours. Amy is a talented Make-Up Artist who lives pretty close near Gorey, which is handy. Amy uses proper airbrushing to apply makeup and it gives a great finish. I have worked with Amy a few times now and we always have the craic shooting.

So for this shoot, we didnt have a set style in mind, we just wanted some fun, cute and sexy shots… as thats what the papers usually like. So bikinis and lingerie were the order of the day. We used this cute blue/white set along with a pink/white version. I prefer the look of the blue set, but the girls liked the pink set better. For the pink set, Amy “dolled” up the makeup a bit more and added some pony tails for a cute effect.

I shot both of these in the lighting style that I am liking more and more each time I use it, as I think it suits the simple look of the studio space. Its a simple 3 light setup, with a main 135cm Octa bank on camera right giving a nice big soft light along with 2x 60cm softboxes to the rear and side of Rachel as rim lights. Simple yet effective.. A large diffusion panel is used on the left to add a tiny bit of fill light on the left side of Rachel to fill in the shadows a bit. Simples.

The large space in the studio means that I can use my 200mm 2.8 at the 150-200mm range while Rachel is close enough to still get her full body in. Although the lights at their lowest power still give F4, even at F4, with the subject close and with a 200mm focal length, the background still goes out of focus beautifully. A pretty nice shallow depth of field is still achievable with this lense at F5.6…. even F8 is you are zoomed all the way in at 2oomm and your subject is at the minimum focus range… great for portraits. Some times with two shallow a depth of field and you can get problems with one eye being in focus and the other out of focus is the face is not straight on etc.

After we had got the shots that we needed, we now turned to playing and getting our own shots. This is usually the best part of a shoot, the testing and experimenting part. I have an idea in my head for a real moody black and white…. Kate Moss type shot. I had Rachel in mind for this shot specifically as I knew from BEFORE that she could pull it off. Rachel is a super poser, every time that flash went she was instantly in a different look and post, like a true pro. One of these shots ended up bing one my my favorite shots (below).

Thats about it for now. Plenty of shoots to come over the next while, from clients, to portfolios and test shoots, so check back soon 🙂


Faye Rooney – Miss Wright Venue 2011

Following on from an earlier post with Lisa Nolan,  Faye Rooney was the other model member of the team for the day. Faye is currently signed with Assets Model Agency and has had a great year. She is the current Miss Wright Venue and represented the Nightclub in the 2011 Miss Ireland contest. She also had lots of other strings to her bow.


Faye looks fantastic here in this lingerie. As we were chatting during the shoot, she mentioned how she done some Irish dancing back in her day. Her dancing background could be a factor to her great shape. It is always easy photographing any one with some dancing background. They are natural posers ans usually have great shape and form.


To recap on the team. Faye & Lisa were the models. The talented Amy McGuire was also with us for the day as our make-up artist. Amy runs PeekaBoo Make-up Artistry, which is based in Riverchapel, Co. Wexford. Check out her FaceBook Page. Finally, the ladies were styled by Nicole Spain of Flutterby Fashion Styling. unfortunately Nicole could not make it down for the shoot, but she sent the girls down fully loaded  and ready to go  🙂


The team on twitter:

For the strobist out there. all the images were shot with a combination of Elinchrom D4 lights with 135cm Octa, 70cm Deep Octa and standard 60cm softboxes.

*Edit* – See my second shoot with Faye Here

Lisa Nolan in Studio

Lisa Nolan --4


July 2010 was the first time I met Lisa and worked with her for the first time. Back then, she was one of the first models that I shot with. See those shots here . She was with BScene the agency back then. But Bscene have moved away from model management now and Lisa is now signed with Assets Model Agency and is doing great for her self.

We had a great team on the day. Lisa came down to my studio with fellow Assets girl Faye Rooney who was getting shots done also (next post) . The talented Amy McGuire was also with us for the day as our make-up artist. Amy runs PeekaBoo Make-up Artistry, which is based in Riverchapel, Co. Wexford. Check out her FaceBook Page. Finally, the ladies were stylied by Nicole Spain of Flutterby Fashion Styling. Unfortunatly Nicole could not make it down for the shoot, but she sent the girls down fully loaded  and ready to go  🙂

The team on twitter:

As usual, it was another fun day’s shooting. Both girls wanted some new shots for their books along with some shots of them together that we hoped would get published. Lisa and Faye are great craic together. They are good friends and do work together a lot. They are so much craic together infact that, near the end of the shoot, it was tough trying to get the last few shots due to the out break of uncontrollable laughter syndrome 🙂

Lisa Nolan --1


Lisa Nolan --10

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