Lisa Madden – BINTM

I had the pleasure of shooting with Lisa Madden in my studio recently. Lisa Madden was on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model (BINTM) cycle 8. She was very popular on the show and did brilliant for herself. Unfortunately she didn’t win it, but she did finish in a very respectable 3rd. Brushing all the BINTM stuff to the side, Lisa didn’t waste and time in getting back to work with Assets Agency, ( *Edit now with Andrea Roche) doing various shows and shoots. Herself and Lynn Kelly done a great job at Belfast Fashion week the day after our shoot.

If you have worked with Lisa before, you will know that she is an absolute dream to work with. She is a lovely girl, fun, friendly and professional and not to mention tall and beautiful. While shooting Lisa it was hard to find many pictures that we didn’t like …. that were not due to my error at least. As a photographer, it is always a joy to work with models who are consistent in their posing and flow through it, taking direction when needed and imputing their own ideas.

Video is going to be a big thing over the next few years in the modelling world. It is already important in the acting world where potential actors need showreels etc. A model video portfolio / videofolio / fusion portfolio…. is a digital, dynamic way for people to see how a person looks, acts and sounds like in real like. It is easy to retouch a photo and make it pretty, but a video captures a person as they are.

I made my first video over a year ago with Rachel. I haven’t done much on the video front since then but I am getting back into it. Video is a whole different ball game, so it takes time to get the hang of actually shooting it and then in the editing. Check out the clip below though to see what we got.

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Julie Husman

Here is a quick post about a recent shoot with Julie Husman. Julie booked me in to as she was just looking for some nice pictures of her self to have. Above are a few of my favourites as I only ever put up a small selection of shots from each shoot up.

In fact, I don’t even blog about all my shoots. Sometimes a client wants to keep a shoot private for what ever reason. Some clients are do a shoot as a surprise for their partner, some do a shoot just for them selves. There is no bad reason for booking a shoot and looking fabulous for a day 🙂

Have you booked yours yet?

Rebeccah – Miss Bikini Carlow

Not long ago, I ran a competition on FaceBook to win a photoshoot. It was a very popular competition that had 400ish entrants. The prize was two shoots, one for a male & one for a female. Rebeccah O’Rourke was the winner of the female shoot and here are some of her images.

The competition was open to every one, but it just so happened that Rebeccah was looking to do a shoot to add to her fitness portfolio. She recently entered a fitness modelling competition, FitEx (Fitness Extravaganza). It seems like an interesting competition, something different from your usual pageant. They have specific guidelines on how you should look to enter:

The Fitness Model competition is for both male & female competitors that are lean and fit with firm muscle tone. This is a model search and athletes are to have an attractive healthy look that is marketable in the Fitness industry. Body fat is to be minimal and Abs are to be seen but without being too lean or having too much muscle separation
So…. that rules me out then 🙂

With the fitness competition in mind, Rebeccah had a good idea as to what she wanted from her shoot. She wanted shots that would show off her fit, toned body  very well. She didn’t put in all that hard time in the gym  to go and hide it all after all. During our pre-shoot chats, she forwarded me on the images that she like. One of the them was an image similar to the one below.

Another event in the pipeline for Rebeccah is the Miss Bikini Ireland competition, which is being held on October 19th at the Wright Venue, Swords. When entered the competition by first becoming Miss Bikini Carlow.  The winner of the Ireland heat will go onto represent Ireland at the International Miss Bikini competition later in the year. There is some tough competition for it, but I wish Rebeccah all the best with it.

Hair & Make-up services for the shoot were provided once again by Aimee Connolly. Aimee is based in Dublin and is available to hire for all your make-up needs. Make sure to check out her FaceBook page to get in touch with her. The other person on set with us for a part of the day was Rebeccah’s boyfriend, Damian. He even got in on the photoshoot action at the end 🙂


Kyla Flaiani – Miss Buck Whaleys 2012

Here is a quick post about a recent shoot with Kyla Flaiani. She has had a busy few months on the press call scene. The winner of Miss Buck Whaleys 2012 and Assets Model, she Represented Buck’s in this years Miss Ireland competition. Kyla and her Mom came down to my studio recently to get some fresh shots for her portfolio.

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle

It was great to meet Kyla and shoot with Kyla again. I had meet her previously when she also entered the Miss Wright Venue competition and made it through to the finals. Aimee Connolly was with us on the day done a great job on the Hair and Make-Up as usual.

From a photography point of view, I was wanted to try out some more shots with the Smoke machine. Smoke can be a great addition to an image, if used right. One has to experiment with it do see what looks good and what looks bad. Another thing I wanted to try out was new light panels that I got. I used them on the shot on the right to give a nice even light on both sides of Kyla.

Thats it for now, its a very short and sweet post as things are super busy here in the studio these days. September Portfolio days are all booked up but stay tuned to see when the October dates are announced.


Joanne Martin moves to Assets Agency

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle

Joanne Martin is a stunning model from Dublin. The 23 year old Blonde has recently been on ICA Boot camp, along with fellow Assets girls Rachel Wallace & Lisa Nolan, both of whom I have shot in the past.

Joanne and I have been trying to organise a shoot for ages, but it never worked out. Her boyfriend, Joey O’Brien is a footballer in the UK, so due to her traveling between the UK , time was always against us. However, early in the Summer when Compton Agency closed down, Joanne was looking for a new agency. She was signed by Assets Agency  and we finally got around to shooting some fresh looks for her portfolio update.

We also shot with the intention of sending out the images to print. I do my usual routine of taking the shots, sending them out with a back story and seeing what bites. The Dubliner picked it up and ran the image to the right as the cover while running two other image in the articles. You can see the spread on my page of published work.

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle

The shoot went great. We shot a wide range of looks ranging from some fashion & casual to lingerie and swimwear. We finished up with my usual slicked back, wet hair look with a black top. It contrasts great against the white background. Everyone who comes down for a shoot loves that look.

The styling on the day was provided by Steph Slevin Weatherston ( It was my first time working with Steph and she was great. It’s always nice working on a shoot when the team are relaxed, getting along and open to new ideas.

Joanne’s Hair & Make-up was done by the fantastic as always, Aimee Connolly. If you follow my blog, you will know that work with Aimee a lot these days. We have a good system going and know how each other work. Make sure to check out her Facebook Page and give her an old “Like” :

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle Here is a cute outtake shot. The key light did not fire, but the background lights did. It resulted in a nice silhouette. I will be putting up a setup post for this shoot soon.

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle



Montinique Judge

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle

Meet Montinique, a personal trainer from Dublin. Montinique Booked a Shoot with me a few months ago to update her portfolio. She came down with her friend Amy  for the morning session. Montinique is no stranger to the camera. She has plenty of experience in front of the camera. She has done several shoots in the past, along with entering the Miss Universe Ireland competition a few year back.

Montinique also runs her own Fitness Bootcamp in Dublin. They offer a wide range of services such as s personal training sessions. You can check out her website and services here:

I shot Montinique in the morning session and Sophie was in the afternoon. So Hair & Make-Up duties were filled by Aimee Connolly, who done a fantastic job as usual. Make sure to check her out.

It was a great shoot and Montinique was delighted with the shoot. She was great to work with, so that made my job a lot easier. We had a good chat weeks before the shoot to nail down the styling ideas etc. Being prepared like that means that we can get a lot more looks done.

This results in more choice and options in the shoot. 8 images are included in the standard portfolio package, however Montinique loved the shots so much she wanted lots of extra ones. This is great to see as it means that people are really happy with the service and like the pictures. If you like my work and you are on FaceBook, make sure to check out and “Like” my page, ( You can hit me up on Twitter also:

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle

Photoshoot by Richie Buttle

Kate McDaid in Studio


Kate paid me a visit recently to check out the progress of my new studio and also for a quick test shoot. Its great working with Kate and it was a pleasure working with her again. This is the second time shooting with Kate, who is the current Miss Irish Sun and is signed with Andrea Roche Model Agency. You can read about our first shoot together that was also published in the Irish Sun  HERE.

Kate brought along her friend Aimee Connolly, who is a talented Make-Up artist down for the trip and to look after the make-up for the day.  Aimee done a great job in creating the look that we were after, which was a natural feeling. Check out her FaceBook page in the link above.

The aim for this shoot was to get some nice simple, natural looks. Styling was kept minimal, make up was toned down and the lighting was not too fancy or dramatic (while trying out some new things). The ultimate aim being to put the emphasise on the model, Kate in this case. As Matthew Jordan Smith says, Kate’s natural beauty is the hero of the shoot, not the cloths or the make-up.

The shot on the right is my favourite from the day. I am happy once I get one great shoot from every shoot, thats what I aim for. if I get more than that, then its a bonus. I like this shot because it’s all about the expression in Kate’s face.  The expression, the moment is key. As I grow and develop my photography, I realise more that although you need to know the technical aspects of photography, you also needs to know what actually makes a good image. You could have the best lighting in the world, but if the model does not work well for you, then the image will suffer. Conversely, you may know nothing about lighting but you may take great photos of people because you can capture them at their best.

We had a pre-shoot meeting a few days before the shoot to go over ideas and to put together a shoot plan. We had a rough idea as to the looks that we wanted. Inspiration for this shoot came heavily from the work of Gilles-Marie Zimmerman and his Simply | Project. Being able to create such great images while giving the impression that the work & effort was minimal is fascinating.

Although we had inspiration, the aim was never to copy another photographers work intentionally. The idea is to use others work as a canvas and then make it your own, put your spin on it etc. It is healthy from an educational point of view to try to copy other people’s work, in order to learn new things.  You don’t necessarily have to show this “copied work” to anybody. Once you know how you created the look using the lights a certain way etc, you can then go onto creating your own images using those techniques while putting your own twist on it.

The next shot is another favourite of mine from the shoot. Again, it’s all nice and simple, but for me its the expression that make the shot.


Thats all now for now. The studio is coming along nicely. Once its all done I will post up about it and give details on its availability for renting etc.