Holly Keating

Holly Keating--2

Holly Keating is back on the blog after a few months absence. We last seen on on the Flutterby Shoot and her own shoot before that. She dropped down to get some new pics for her book and to have some shoots available for press.

The team for Holly’s shoot was made up of stylist Laura Mullett, makeup artist Aimee Connolly and hairstylist Edel Jones – The dream team. The styling for this shoot was edgier than before and this is also reflected in the lighting. I am using my Custom Flash bracket at lot at this point and I used it for most of the shots that you see here. This is all part of the Terry Richardson inspiration as mentioned before

Holly Keating--1

Holly look great in these shots. I worked with her on this shoot to bring out her confidence more and let it shot in an image. Being confident and actually letting it show can be two different things. Looking confident is all in the eyes and the pose for me. Getting the right expression is key for me and its what I focus on when working with my subjects… weather they are models or not.

If you want to book a shoot, get in touch here. You can book a shoot to get some nice portraits for your self or to update your model portfolio.


Madeline Mulqueen Sunday World Shoot

instagram- madeline4

Madeline Mulqueen is a stunning actress and model. I had the pleasure of working with a great team of Laura Mullett, Aimee Connolly and Madeline on this shoot for the Sunday World.

140108_ madelinem_866

Madeline is a cool chick, great fun to work with. And as usual, working with the dream team of Makeup artist Aimee and Fashion Stylist Laura, we always have the craic on set. After we got the shots we needed for the papers, we then turned to a spot of experimenting and testing. I can’t remember who had the paint with them in the car, but Madeline for the idea of putting it on her face… and sure the rest is history… in pictures.

140108_ madelinem_faces


Follow Laura on Instagram, Aimee on Instagram & Madeline on Instagram

Nicola Hughes – Press Shoot

Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes, the stunning Andrea Roche model and Miss Irish Sun 2012 makes her second appearance on the blog this time around. It was no accident that Nicola won the Miss Irish Sun title last year. The blonde bombshell is in fantastic shape these days as the pictures show….. thanks of a lot time dedicated to the gym and eating healthy.

instagram- nicolah2

Nicola got in touch to get some new shots for her book and also to get some shots for press. The main goal of this shoot  was to get some high class lingerie shots and also some sexier shots for press. Nicola had a few inspiration images that she wanted to try and recreate, with our own twist of course. The shots that we took looked great, however as times are changing, they were a little too sexy for the press. Since the Irish Sun have stopped doing Page3 ,then are looking for a different kind of shot. There is indeed a fine line between trashy and classy sometimes. But hopefully I manage to stay on the classy side of it. If I don’t feel free to let me know in the comments 🙂

Nicola Hughes --4Nicola styled her self for this shoot. The looks were not that complicated and she had the bits her self. Aimee Connolly was in studio to apply make-up and Edel Jones was in studio to work her magic on Nicola’s Hair. Hair is one thing that I never really mention much on the blog, or specifically extensions. Nicola’s extensions are by Great Lengths Ireland. Hair extensions are not cheap, so one of the ways that the models can get them at highly discounted prices, or even for free is by getting the hair mentioned in press credits and in the media where possible. Fair deal really, you get a product in return you promote the product.

In the image just above, you can see my cyclorama in background. Although it is painted white, is drops off to gray due to a lack of light hitting it. Reduce the light even more and it would appear a darker shade of grey and eventually turn black. For those of you who are not into photography… that can blow some minds. It blew my mind with I first started to learn about lighting. “Why is this appearing grey even though it is painted white“, used to be the question I would ask my self. It was not until I started to experiment with lights and take test shots, that it all started to make sense. If you’re looking to learn more about lighting for photography, one book that you need to check out is “Light, Science and Magic” from Amazon.

Rebecca Maguire – Miss Ireland 2012

Rebecca Maguire --2

Rebecca Maguire is the stunning Belfast girl who won the Miss Ireland 2012 title. I first worked with Rebecca when she won the Miss Wright Venue in 2012, and from there she went on to win Miss Ireland. We shot this in June as her reign was coming to an end. We were shooting for the double page feature in the Irish Sun and for the cover of the Sunday World Magazine.

We assembled a great team for the shoot. Rebecca came down to my studio from Belfast for the shoot. Aimee came from Dublin for make-up. Edel drove down from Baltinglass. Laura popped out from Enniscorthy and Jason joined us also to video the shoot. The team worked great together and we got some fantastic images.

Rebecca Maguire --5

This was my first time working with hair stylist Edel Jones. Edel works in Tecknicolour saloon in Baltinglass. Edel done fantastic job with Rebecca. My favourite hair look from the day with the one above… there is a hint of a Cheryl Cole look going on I think. Combined with the fabulous dress, it is a very hot look. Rebecca really rocked it this look, which you can see in the video below.

Rebecca Maguire --4

As you can see from the shots, there was a lot of colour going on. It was the height of summer, so why not. Laura done a great job with the styling here I think. I am no expert on styling, but it all looked good. For a detailed breakdown on the styling and Laura’s train of thought for it all, you can check out her own blog post on the shoot. Check out on Lipstick Gossip – Meeting Rebecca Maguire

Rebecca Maguire --9

Below is a behind the scenes video shots by my assistant and DE Photo Staff member Jason Ennis. I kind of throw him into the deep end on this one as it was a last minute thought.  Jason shot it on one of my Canon 1D mkIV bodies. I later edited the footage together and below is the result.

2013-06-17 Sun Rebecca



Tiffany Stanley – Press Shoot

Tiffany Stanley-4

Tiffany Stanley is a well-known Irish model. She is has being modelling for a few years now and has done will in the press call / lingerie scene. She is currently represented by Andrea Roche Agency.  Tiffany is back from LA where she spent the Summer. She went there to try her hand at acting, swapping the daily paper for the silver screen. You can read about it in the various places that covered it, such as the Sunday World and the Irish Daily Star. We organised this new sexy lingerie shoot to have some fresh shots for her to send out to press throughout the summer when she was away.

tiffany press collageThe shoot was styled by Laura Mullett. You can read about what clothes Laura used on this shoot over on her blog: http://lipstickgossiplady.blogspot.ie/2013/07/clothes-encounter-press-styling-next.html. Tiffany’s hair and make-up were done by the as usual, fantastic Aimee Connolly.

It was great to finally work with Tiffany. She is on my list of “Irish Models to Shoot”, so it was great to be able to make that list a little bit smaller. Once the list has been fully crossed off, I will let you know. I am sure you can guess who else could be on that list whom I have not worked with…. yet.

Check out Tiffany’s own website here: http://www.tiffanystanley.net/

Flutterby Fashion Styling Shoot


I had a busy day shooting with  Nicole & Shauna Spain, the Flutterby  team recently. The idea of the shoot was to get shots for Shauna’s Hairstyling business along with shots for the Flutterby Fashion styling business. Shauna organised the shoot and get it all sorted. The models Holly Keating, Niamh Cullen and Sinead Duffy came down to pose for the shots. Aimee Connolly came down also to do the make-up for the 3 girls. Lots of people in studio, lots of fun…. as per usual.

I had worked with Holly and Nimah before, always a pleasure working with them. It was the first time that I had met the Andrea Roche model, Sinead Duffy. Sinead has since gone on to win the competition for Miss Irish Sun 2013. You can check out that shoot here ( coming soon).

The theme for this shoot was colour. The clothes are colourful, the background is colourful, the lollipop was colorful…. it was all fun and colorful. It was good to do something like this for  a change. I am really making the most of the new backdrops anyway. You will see a bit more heavy use of the colour in a few more shoots to come before I calm stop using them as heavy.


Katelyn Cassidy Test Shoot

Katelyn Cassidy -6

Katelyn Cassidy is a stunning model with Assets Model Agency.  She is kept busy on the catwalk doing shots, magazine work as well as odd advertising campaign here and there. Her beauty definitely runs in the family. Her two sisters are both in beautiful also. There is Megan, who accompanied Katelyn on this shoot and who I subsequently  shot recently ( coming soon )  works in TV and Hannah ( still to shoot) who is also a model with Assets.

Katelyn Cassidy -1

For this shoot with Katelyn, she was looking for some natural looking shots and then to try  some edgier shots. She sent me on some inspiration images and we took it from there. When models send you inspirations shots and show you pictures of the clothes that they have to match, its great. It shows that the models are invested in the shoot and will put as much effort into it as me.

Katelyn Cassidy -2


It was great to work with Katelyn on this shoot, it was great fun on the shoot as usual. Aimee was with us also to provide her magical skills on Make-up and Hair also.

Gemma Fowler – Miss University 2013

Gemma Fowler -7

Gemma Fowler is the current Miss University ( 2013) and will go on to represent the colleges in this years Miss Universe Ireland competition. Can Gemma become, Miss Universe 2013 … we will have to wait and see. No doubt she will do great though!

I first met Gemma at the DIT Fashion show where she rocked the catwalk. After entering the Miss University competition and winning it, she got signed to Assets Agency She then got in touch to get her portfolio started and to get some tips for the competition. I don’t have any experience really with these competitions, so I am not the right person to be asking for advice. What I told her was to make the most of the experience and to enjoy it. Opportunities like this don’t happy every day and when they do come, all you can do is your best.

Gemma Fowler -1

For Gemma’s shoot we shot a wide range of looks on various backgrounds. I have some new colour background papers in the studio now so I am been using them a lot lately to try them out and see what works best. We shot basic headshots, natural looks and went right through to the wet hair, sexier look as show above. Gemma styled her self for this shoot and Aimee Connolly done her make-up and hair.

I will keep you updated on Gemm’a progress in the competition. In the mean time you can follow her on twitter also, @GemmaFowler

Alex Sawaicka and Siobhan McAuley – Double Trouble


Assets Agency buddies Alex & Siobhan dropped down to the studio a while back for a quick shoot and to hang out for a bit. I first met the girls at the Assets Agency Christmas party and from there we set this shoot up. The girls wanted to do a double shoot with a fun, flirty theme and with a victoria’s secret vibe to it. Here are the girls favourite picks from the shoot.

Shooting two girls at the same time always poses a few problems. The first and most obviously one being height. If they are not the same height, or if there is an obvious height difference then it can be a distracting element in the image. Alex in this case was a lot taller than Siobhan. Thanks to a little boost with some timber, Siobhan was able to be raised up a little to make it less obvious. I did not want Alex to just take her shoes off and go bare foot as legs look great when in heels.



As well as wanting to shoot together, the girls also wanted some individual shots for their portfolios. Alex more so, as her portfolio was not as varied as Siobhan’s at the time. Alex is a Polish Born, Belfast based lass currently studying Computers in Queens is only modelling a relatively short time but she has great potential.  Siobhan is an experienced model in her own right and has done loads of shoots and been published a number of times. A bit of trivia about Siobhan is that she is engaged to DJ & Stylist Byron Kumbula.


Make-up services of the day were provided by Aimee Connolly. The styling was done by the girls themselves. Thats all for now, any comments or questions can be left below.