Svetlana Goldberg

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I have known Svetlana for a few years now and have shot with her before, so it was great to get her back down in studio for a proper shoot. She is a fitness instructor by trade, so naturally she practices what she preaches and has an incredible figure.

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For this shoot, Svetlana wanted to off her figure and what better way is with loads of American Apparel gear. Put aside what you may think of AA’s marketing strategies, I really like their stuff. I think it makes women feel great wearing it and which ultimately make them look great also.

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Lana done her own Hair and Makeup for the shoot as is well able to do it. Sometimes on shoots, it is great when I model can do their own makeup as it means one less person on set and it can make a shoot flow better and we can have more time to try out different things etc.


We shoot different looks as you can see above, a mix of white and black background. I mixed up the lighting also for some looks. I am still loving the white wall look as you can guess.

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@svetlanagoldberg1’s final check before shooting #americanaapparel #bodysuit #studio #richiephoto

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