Ricky Mangala

Ricky got in touch to organise a shoot last month. He had a  cool ideas for a high fashion look. I was interested to work with him as I like the idea os trying out something different. Ricky is into his fashion and has got style, as a result he has  got some great ideas. He is shooting a lot lately and I am liking his stuff. So he came down to my studio one Saturday for an afternoon session and we got shooting.

For this shoot, I was thinking of going dark with the lighting. It was potentially going to be a bad idea as the cloths were dark and Ricky’s skin is dark. So it was going to be interesting…. interesting good or interesting bad, we would find out.


In order to set this up, I first started to think about rim lighting. If everything was black, (background & subject) then a rim light would be needed for shape and separation. I’m a fan of rim/ side lighting. I used it a lot in my shoot with Bluemoose, check out the portraits. As you can see from the setup shot below with Ricky, I used two gridded lights to create the rim. There is no rocket science with these, turn them to their lowest power, move them around so they can not see the models nose and adjust height to suit. Ricky was holding the Ipad, checking the test shoots out as they came up on it. More on shooting tethered to Ipad at a later date.


You can see the rim lights from the setup shot below….. you can also see the mess that is my studio 🙂 . Another reason why I like rim lights is that is creates a 3-D look of the subject. The key light, is out of the frame, camera left.


Here is another straight out of camera shot. The spot light effect was created by using one light and a grid. I can’t remember which grid that I used, but it was more than likely a 12* grid. It was placed out of frame on the right and slightly above Ricky ( as you can tell by direction of his shadow)


Thats all for now. Any comments or questions can be left below.