Leah O’Reilly in Studio

Meet Assets Agency model Leah O’Reilly. She is a popular Lingerie and Presscall model and she is amazing to work with. Leah is not just a pretty face, she is also a shrewd businesswoman also. She is one half of top Irish Jewelry company Crystals and Co along with Emily Mackeogh. Their “About Us” blurb goes along the lines of …. Crystals and Co launched in November 2009 by best friends and business partners Leah O’Reilly and Emily Mackeogh. Spotting a gap in the market for affordable, good quality on trend costume jewellery and accessories the girls started to collect their favorites and design their own pieces.

Leah dropped down to my studio a while about along with her friend Karena Graham. Karena was coming down for a portfolio update and I have been talking to Leah for ages about getting her down for a shoot, so the sun and moons aligned just right and it worked out nicely. Leah is busy girl with the business so getting a time when both of us were free was difficult.

Leah O'Reilly-7


Leah O'Reilly-6

I love this shot above of Leah. It is a beautiful natural laugh that I caught just after telling her one of my famous bad jokes. I believe that having a laugh on a shoot is very important. Having fun and a bit of craic is what it is all about.

Here is a super quick instagram video of Leah’s prints coming out of my printer. I print all my own portfolios and work in-house, right up to A1 poster size.

Aimee Connolly was once again at hand with her fantastic make-up skills. Make sure to check out her FaceBook Make, Make-up By Aimee. In terms of styling, Leah styled her self for this shoot. She had some ideas as to what she wanted to achieve from the shoot. After getting the gist of them and tweaking it a bit, the above is the result.