Leah Duff – Test Shoot

Leah Duff -1

Here are a few images from a super quick test shoot with Assets Model, Leah Duff a while ago. Leah dropped down with her sister Carla for two hours of shooting. Carla studied fashion at Portobello and so was available to put together a few looks for Leah.

We actually shot this a few months ago, when I had just finished building my Cyc wall and needed to do some test shots with it. Like any new photographic equipment, a lot of testing with it is required in order to be able to see what it can do etc. Nearly 9 months on since I actually finished it, I am still learning new things with it.

Once I get a bit more free time and get updated with my other blogs posts, I will do up a post on the Building of the Cyclorama.

Leah Duff -6