Kurtis Hughes in Dublin

Kurtis is a model and singer from Dublin. He is signed with the Bscene Agency Compton now in Dublin. Thanks to the power of FaceBook, he seen my work and asked to set up a portfolio shoot. The rest as they say is history. If you want to get some fresh portfolio shots taken, drop get in touch via the links on the left there.

Kurtis -5s

After some email exchanges, we narrowed the style of the images that he wanted to something with a fashion feel to it and out on location. Location portraits are my speciality so I was confident that we would make it work. We shoot around Dublin’s fair city is some cool locations that I did not even know existed until I found them scouting the few days before.

The shot above of one of my favourites from the day. It is so simple it works. The umbrella is not just for looks, it actually was raining on us so it turned out to be a functioning prop. The lighting makes this kind of shot. My mate Adam was once again there to help me out on this shoot.  I will be putting up the usual Setup Post in a few days to give the details on how each shot was generally done.

Kurtis -3s

The beauty about location portraits is that to get a different shot, all you need do is turn the camera a different direction. This garage door was right next to the area where the above shots were taken. There were also a few more taken that were used, but these are the strongest images I think.

By the way, all the shots above were taken just off Grafton St.

The last three shots were taken in a small shopping centre just off Grafton Street. The Orbis Ring Light was used for these also to get that fashion look. I liked the white walls with the black doors when I saw it on my scouting and pictured it working like this in my head with a black suite and white shirt.

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