Kelsey Flood’s Portfolio Shoot

Kelsey Flood-2

If you shop online and have checked out, then you will reconise Kelsey Flood ( @KelseyFlood). She works for Ismodo as their in-house model along with working in the sales department. Kelsey has being doing shoots with various photographers for a while now… a quick google search can help you find a lot of her previous work to date.  Kelsey booked her shoot with me looking to get something a little different for her portfolio. We shot a couple of varied looks that morning, what you see here are kelsey’s favorites from the shoot.

Kelsey Flood-11

Kelsey’s first pic was this shot in a beige leotard. The first thing you notice about this shot and Kelsey in general is her hair. Her hair is her pride and joy…. and it is all natural. Not Great Length or Hotloxs extension in sight. Seeing hair like this is truly rare in models these days as most have some form of extension.

The first look was shot on my new ( at the time) Infinity Curve ( post coming soon). An infinity curve is basically a white floor connected to a white wall via a curve to give a seamless effect…. or infinite background. They can also be called cyclorama, Cyc Wall, endless wall … along with a few other names. I built a 6.5m wide one at one end of my studio. You can use white background paper, but doesn’t last forever and is expensive. Paper is limited in its width, so you can not shoot large groups on it. I use a lot of background paper for various reasons, so the curve ( or stage as my non-photography friends and family are calling it) will pay for itself.

Kelsey Flood-9

The above shot is another of Kelsey’s favourites. It’s a classic topless, yes beautiful shot. Shots like this are simple and effective. I used the rugged look of one of the studio corners as a background, a single light on Kelsey. Shooting at F1.8 on a Canon 50mm throws the background nicely out of focus and isolates Kelsey… and all that hair 🙂

Kelsey Flood-1


The last look of the shoot, and most shoots is the wet hair look. Kelsey loved this look as she had never done anything like this before. It is funny that a lot of people do not want to do the wet hair look on the day, but after a bit of convincing, it usually turns out to be their favourite shoot. This shot in particular I really like Kelsey’s expression. Her eyes are confident and her slightly open lips soften up the whole look. Some people may purse their lips which is generally unappealing.

The make-up in the shot above is fabulous, another reason why I like it. Aimee Connolly done the make-up for Kelsey along with her hair for the shoot. If you would like to book in a shoot with the dream team in my studio, check out my next available dates on my “Book Me” page. Remember, you don’t need to be a model to have beautiful pictures of your self 🙂


Kelsey in the make-up chair with Aimee