Jessica McMurry

Jessica McMurray -1s

Back on the streets of Dublin, yet again for another action packed, fun filled, rain soaked Street Pic session. This time, I caught up with Jessica McMurray and her friend and model/photographer Anouska. It was a great little session that involved literally 15mins of shooting and a load of great shots that could be used. Here are the final ones  I picked.

We had to retire some shelter as the rain started to lash down as we started. I spotted a ‘plan B’ location on the way to the main location, so we resorted to that.

Jessica McMurray -3-4s

Anouska came along also. I have been following her work both as a model and Photographer and its great. ( Anouska’s Blog ). She helped out by holding Jessica’s white jacket to use as a reflector.

Again, as usual with the Street Pics, there was no more than 15min spent on photoshop. The 15mins starts after the final image to be edited have been picked that is. So in total for the few pics here you are talking about 60mins behind the computer.

Thats all for now. If you want to take part in a Street Pic session, hit me up here by leaving a comment, or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

Jessica and Anouska -1s