Hazel O’Sullivan’s New Look

So I finally got to shoot with Hazel O’Sullivan recently, and what a great shoot it turned out to be. I have been wanting to work with Hazel for a while now. I first met Hazel 6 or 7 years ago back in the college days. Back when she was helping my promote my Paintball society in DIT. This was before photography was even a twinkle in my eye. It was great working with Hazel then, she was a lovely, genuine and friendly girl. Getting to working with her again and having the craic and showed that she is still as nice a girl today as she was back then.


Hazel as always been blonde throughout her 5 years of modelling. She wanted to shake that off and change her look. As you can see from these new shots, she looks fantastic in her new darker look. We set up this shoot to get some fresh shots of the new look for her portfolio and to send out to press. The shots were featured in the Irish Sun on Sunday on September 9th.


Hazel is currently a model with Assets Model Agency and has been with them for a few years now. She is doing well over in the UK at the moment  as a Walk on Girl for the darts on Sky sport with fellow Assets model, Kelly Donegan. I can see her doing well over there and doing bigger and better things.


If you are on twitter, give Hazel a follow: http://twitter.com/Hazelosullivan1/
2012-09-09 Irish Sun-Hazel