Aisling’s Make-Over


Here is a small selection of shots from a recent shoot with Aisling.

The job of a photographer in my niche is to create beautiful images of you, the person in front of my lens. It is not enough to capture the physical beauty, but also to draw out the inner beauty and confidence that  is buried inside everyone, some people have it buried deeper than others. Once this confidence is exposed and a connection is made with the camera, the result is beautiful. This is what it is all about for me and it is what I strive to achieve. It’s what separates an image that is just nice from one that captivating. A small change makes a big difference.

If there is one message that I want to try to get across to the masses, it would be that you do not need to “be a model” to book & experience your own  photoshoot. You don’t have to be signed with an agency… you don’t have to be entering a beauty pageant….. You don’t need any excuse to have beautiful pictures of yourself.


Some seem to think that if you have professional photos of you on FaceBook where you are looking beautiful and glamorous, that you have ambitions to be a model. This not always the case…… although for some it can lead to an unexpected calling. There is nothing wrong with wanting the experience, the attention and the empowering feeling what comes along with getting a make-over and some fantastic photographs. A photograph captures a moment forever, so why not capture a moment with you looking your best.

Aisling booked a shoot with me some time ago. She had done some photoshoots before and she really enjoys the experience of a photoshoot. She is a confident, beautiful woman who is not shy about letting her photos be seen. She had an idea of what she wanted in terms of styling and she got in touch with Nicole Spain from Flutter On by Styling to come down and style her. Nicole and Aisling  discussed the look that Aisling was wanting before hand and Nicole went out to source the cloths, or bring bits to the shoot that she already had.


Aisling has also worked with Julie Caulfield before and loved her make-up and hair styling and organised for Julie to be there on the day. I have worked with and shoot Julie a few times now, it’s always a pleasure working with her. She did a great job with Aisling as expected.

The shoot went great though, we managed to get through all the looks we wanted. Aisling booked a Full Portfolio Shoot, to that got her 8 photos retouched and printed, but she loved so many that she ordered more. The average is between 10-15 images that people order. That is why I try to under promise and over deliver when it comes to the end product.

If you want to book a shoot, you can contact me HERE


A behind the scenes shot of Julie adjusting Aisling’s Hair
Behind the scenes with Aisling and Julie Caulfied