Sophie Cassells
Meet the beautiful Kildare lady, Sophie. She Booked a Shoot a few months ago and came down to my studio for an afternoon. Sophie is not a professional model, just a regular girl who wanted the experience of a photo-shoot and to have some beautiful pictures of her self to have. She done fantastic on the day and her pictures turned out great.

Sophie was great fun to shoot with. She was relaxed, easy-going and willing to try new things to get the right shot. We had planned most of the looks before the shoot, so we knew what were doing. However I always try to do at least one look that is new or different for everyone, this is  to mix it up a little. This also gives a more variety in the shoot.

We started off with the usual natural look and some headshots. The idea with starting with natural shots (in general) is to ease the subject into the shoot and to make them feel comfortable. Most people have never done a shoot before and so they will be unsure as to what to do etc. It is during this first look when I  start to coach the subject and give direction. I start with some basic tips that we build upon as the shoot progresses.

It is quite common for the first look of the day to be the least favorite of any client. This is because the connection with the camera is not there yet and the initial awkwardness and lack of confidence in front of the camera is some times visible. 3 hours later however and by the end of the session, all that is gone and the client, Sophie in the example on the right is drilling the camera with confidence.

The shot on the right is the typical shot that I do last. Combined with the wet hair, the dark make-up and the usual black top, it makes for a striking black and white shot. Sophie’s hair & make-up was done by the fantastic Aimee Connolly. I have worked with Aimee a few times now and we have a good rapport going. Make sure to check out her page on Facebook:

Sophie’s images were featured on, along with many of my other shoots. I work with Paul & Will from a lot in providing them with some fresh faces.

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