Photoshoot Frequently Asked Questions

Considering booking a photoshoot? You have a lot of questions right? Well your at the right place. Below you can view all the common questions that you will have when it comes to a photoshoot. I’m sure it will not answer all your questions, but it will cover most of them.

Once you are done and you want to ask me something else (you will have extra questions 🙂 ), just drop me your number and I will call you back and go through it with you.

2 comments on “Photoshoot Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hello, I got your recommendation and i was thinking that i would for purely personal reasons get some professional photos done. My question may seem silly, but i imagine i would need some airbrushing in certain areas, can this be done? Thank you,Mags

  2. Hi Mags, thanks for your comment.

    I just sent you a mail there with some information on a photoshoot. But to answer your questions, yes I do retouch images that are going to be printed. I do light retouching mostly.


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