Vodafone DIT Fashion Show 2012


The VodaFone DIT Fashion Show is back this year, bigger and better than before. It rocked Vicar Street this year last Wednesday, March 21st. Vodafone are onboard this year as the title sponsor and they really helped the guys to do a great job.

This is my 3rd year at the show, I only blogged about the 2011 one though. I am not into fashion or fashion shows, so I only go to the DIT Show as I am an alumni of DIT. ( Mechanical Engineering…… go figure). For me its a chance to meet the old crew, meet some new crew and have the craic. Its a great opportunity to network also. My usual role on the night is to sneak backstage and capture all the madness that goes one… you know the fun photos. I don’t do the catwalk normal because there is always an army of other guys there shooting that, so I want to be a little different.

However, the show was so well organise this year and every one knew what was going on… that a lot of the madness that I was after was not there 🙂 . There was no mad panic of models running around, no shouting and screaming… it was all civilized, organized and quite. So fair play to Shireen, Brian, Megan, Leah, Rob and all the crew for making it run so smooth. With that in mind, I ventured out to the catwalk for the last 10 minutes this year to capture some of the action. Armed with my 70-200, I was up high in the back corner… so not a great position… but it worked.

Check out all the backstage images on FaceBook

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