Studio Test Day #1


**Friday 18th Update – MUA Places are FULL! , still a few places left for hair stylists to get onboard 🙂 **

Recently on my FaceBook page I put the word out looking to connect with Make-Up Artists and Hair stylist who were looking to work with me shooting Agency models and build up their portfolios during Test Shoots. There are a lot of talented MUAs and hair stylist out there and sometimes it is hard to get the opportunity to get to work with a great model or a photographer who can get you started.

“Test Shoots” can have many different meanings, depending on which website you read and your entry into the industry. You will be told that there are paid kinds, un-paid, portfolio building test shoots, agency test shoots etc…  It can get quite confusing. Generally though, a Test Shoot is where a model, make-up artist, hair stylist, stylist and photographer etc, work together to create an image or a set of images. The purpose of these image is to improve the team members portfolios. The end result being that a portfolio is essentially a creative’s business card and it is what will get you booked for jobs in future.

Are you with me so far? Good

So, whats going on?
On Thursday the 24th October. I will have  approx 5 models from Assets Agency in studio. The models will be a mix of experienced and new faces.  They are looking for some new shots to add to their books ( portfolios). We will be shooting a mix of looks, headshots, fashion, lingerie etc.

Who can attend?
If you are a make-up artist, hair stylist or clothes stylist and you want to work with some models ( and my self 🙂 ) to get some pictures for your portfolio… then you can attend. Places are limited though this first time around to see how it works out.

It will be first come, first served to stick your name in the hat. Ideally leave a comment below, or drop me a mail to confirm your attendance.

What do I get, is there a cost?

Everybody covers their own cost of transport and materials etc. I will provide tea and coffee etc

Everybody will each receive a 12×8 retouched print of each look that they work on. This image will be picked by me.  If you do 4 makeup looks, you will receive four retouched prints. If you’re a model and you get five looks in, then you receive five prints etc.

You will also get access to a private online gallery of the images from the day where you can view the un-edited images in Facebook size and download if you wish.

Additional retouched and printed images are €15 each. This covers the cost of the extra retouching time and printing.

How will it work?
Each MUA and Hair will be paired up with a model for the day as team. They will then have as much time as needed to create the various looks. In order to allow adequate shooting time for everyone, the shoots may be staggered e.g. 9am arrival for the first 2 or 3 teams and then approx 2pm for the rest. This will ensure a constant supply of models to me, ready to shoot and adequate time for everyone.

How many setups / backgrounds will we get though?
I will say at least 3 for now. I will shoot each model in each setup and then change it up and shoot all the models in the next setup / background.

Where can I use these images?
I own the image copyright at all times. You are be granted a license to use the image for your own portfolio and self promotion i.e. you can put them on your website, Facebook, business cards etc.

These images are not for commercial usage i.e you can not sell the images. The images may be submitted by me to press or magazines to be published by me only. If they are published anywhere, the team involved will be credited.

Why do I have to pay for extra images?
You are already getting one image of each look for free in return for your time in attending. You are also getting the experience a great networking opportunity. Remember that the retouching time is separate to the time that is already given by the photographer on the day of the shoot and the time before in preparation. Where as the model, hair and make-up can go home and not worry about the shots, the retoucher has to spend up to 30 mins on each image afterwards. So there is another full day’s work there at least.

Any other questions?

I am sure that I have left out some basic info. If you want to ask any questions, leave it in the comments below and I will add it here. Or you can Contact Me and I will get it via email.

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