Smoking in Pictures – Hot or Not?

Rachel Wallace - Studio -11

Here is a quick post to get your thoughts on a subject. Smoking in pictures, is it Hot or Not? On my last shoot, with Rachel Wallace, I shot these few images. They are casual / behind the scenes / moody type shots. They were not the main images from the shoot, but I liked the mood of them and posted them on my Facebook Page.

I also asked the question on my Wall and got some interesting points. Was smoking always seen as being disgusting and a filthy? I doubt it. There many iconic images of past Hollywood Actors smoking, Audrey Hepburn anyone.

We  know smoking is bad for our health, but when we see an image of someone smoking, do we… should we automatically think its disgusting? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a smoker and I can’t stand it my self. But if you are a portrait photographer and you really want to capture your subjects personality at its purest, then if they are a smoker then that is part of it.

Or maybe it is a mute point. What do you think?

Rachel Wallace - Studio -16

Rachel Wallace - Studio -17

3 comments on “Smoking in Pictures – Hot or Not?

  1. Interesting question 🙂

    Personally I definitely do not find it “hot”, and it should not be used in potentially influential photos.

    However, if smoking is part of somebody’s personality then by all means capture it!

  2. Just popping by (as your local grammar Nazi) to point out that it is “moot point” not “mute point”.

    Smoking can look artistic if photographed right, but is rarely sexy.

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