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Out with the old and in with the new. I decided to change my logo / watermark recently. I had been using the same one ( below) more or less for the last five years. I had been reluctant change it as it was pretty effective. It contained 3 pieces of information in one:

  1. My Name
  2. Website
  3. Displayed copyright ( not that anyone cares about that)

I decided to change it and incorporate the #richiephoto hastag into it as social media is the key these days. Hashtags have been using well on Twitter and Instagram for a while now. It was only since FaceBook started to use them that the chance for a cross-social media tool was available. A hash tag is handy as it can be put into an images EXIF info and it will show up on FaceBook ( if uploaded via browser). A hashtag will translate well across all platforms if posted from a single network and automatically posted / linked to others.

I went for just the name only and not the website for two reasons. The first being that most people don’t looking at my images on my website anymore, its mostly on social media. And the second being that if you Google “Richie”, chances are that my website comes up anyway. Give it a go your self. Google “Richie” or click here: , You can do me a favour and let me know what comes up.

Below is my Instagram post looking for some help deciding on what to go for.


After 5years of having the same watermark / logo, I’m getting a little bored of it. What are your thoughts on these versions? #richiephoto #logo #watermark #help

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