DIT Fashion Show 2011


So I am a bit late with this one, the show is well over by now, but oh well. I recently attended the DIT Fashion Show to take some pics of the event. The show was once again a great success and a great credit to the students who organised the event and the DIT Soc’s office for supporting them. Being a former DIT head my self, I never actually took any notice of the show while I was there. It took me to be out of DIT before I could see what it was all about.

So, I was there to take some pics. As you would imagine, its a fashion show and there was an army of photographers at the front of house. I had no interest in being out there and getting the same pictures as every one else. Instead, I was after the back stage, the behind the scenes shots to document the night….. to be a sort of fly on the wall. I knew a good few of the models from the previous year and from other projects, so it was relaxed enough an I don’t think I annoyed many people 🙂

I basically roamed around the whole back stage are, shooting the hustle and bustle. I shot some portraits, some groups. I knew that these shots were going straight onto the web so people could tag away, so I was shooting in Jpeg. I was not out to shoot any classic portraits, it was more snaps shots. However, there are a few shots form the night that stood out for me for various reasons. Some of those are here. They have minimal processing, just enough to funk them up a bit.

Part 1: Backstage at the DIT Fashion Show 2011

Part 2: Backstage at the DIT Fashion Show 2011

The after party was in Krystle night club. I was prepared for a well deserved night out after a few long days of work, so I had a room booked in the hotel above. I cracked out the camera during the after party also for some funky drunken shots… you can check them out here: DIT Fashion After Party

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