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Rachel Wallace - Studio -1

Hello there 2012! Lets kick off the new year with an overdue article / behind the scenes post. Here are some setup shots of Rachel from our shoot a few months ago in my studio.  We had great fun during the shoot and the shots got published in the Sunday World.

If you are new to my blog, welcome.  I try to add some notes to the images to make them as self-explanatory as possible but feel free to ask any questions. Starting off with the light, I use a large Elinchrom 135cm Octabank in one of two ways usually. It is either a big soft fill light or it is a big soft main light.  When I use it for with depends on the look of the shot.

For example in the shot below & right, key light is 70cm Deep Octa is up high, pointing down and is lighting up Rachel’s face and casting that shadow under the chin. The 135cm Octa is lower down in height and power than the 70cm. The Octa was moved down lower for the final shot. It was lowered down so the middle of the Octa is actually about the same height as the lens of the camera, and just to the side. I do this to give a nice even fill light and reduce the shadows.

Rachel Wallace - Studio -10

You can see the difference in using fill light makes in the two shots above. Notice the shadows on the legs on the two images. The shadows in the lower shot are soft and the entire legs are relatively evenly illuminated.  Compared to the top shot where the 135cm was much higher initially.

Note that the 70cm Octa is not pointing directly at Rachel’s head either, it is pointing more onto the background and illuminated the background

I don’t really use a light meter any more when it comes to working out a ratio… so i don’t have a preference for how many stops of a ratio I usually have, it depends on the shot and the look I’m after. I generally want to open up the shadows with as much light as possible. If it so happens that I want to darken them to add more contrast, I can either do it in post-production.

This lights in the setup above were also used for the shot below. They were just turned around and pointed towards the mirror where Rachel was standing.

Rachel Wallace - Studio -11

Thanks all for now. As usual, any questions, hit me up below or on twitter, @richiebuttle. See the rest of the images from the shoot here:

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