Setup Shot – Rachel Kenny on the Beach

Rachel Kenny -12

Here is a quick post to show the lighting setup for one of the looks with Rachel Kenny at a beach shoot, click HERE to see those images. As you can see from below, the set up is very simple. It is a 1 light set up ( 2 if you are counting the sun).

The equipment in use is a Nikon SB-600 flash with a 1/2 CTO gel, firing it’s light into a 33′ shoot through umbrella. The umbrella being my modifier of choice today on the beach as it is a little easier to manage than the softbox on the beach. The flash was triggered by my iShoot Wireless Trigger (a.k.a. Poverty Wizard). This means that the flash was in manual mode, not automatic TTL mode. All of the equipment was on a light stand, which was held securely by Ray.

Although there is just one flash, in these particular conditions I consider the sun to be another light source. When the sky is cloudless and the sun is beating down, then it is a small, hard light source that can not be ignored. This becomes obvious once you study the hair light effect it creats on Rachel’s hair ( the blown out hight light)

In the final shot below, it is not immediately obvious as to the effect of the flash, but its there. It is a lot more obvious in the black and white portrait above as the light was brought in closer for the head shot to give a softer light.

Rachel Kenny -10


Rachel Kenny -7

For those interested in the post production in the above shot, here is a quick summary of the changes made in Camera Raw:

WB: 6600K As shot – Moved to 4550k (cooling the image)
Tint: -10 as shot – Moved to 0 (adding green)
Blacks: 15
Contrast: +54
Clarity: +20
Saturation: -10

Then for split toning:
Highlights: Hue 69, Sat 9
Shadows: Hue 116, Sat 9

They are the main settings that gives it that look,along with other minor changes once it got into Photoshop.

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