Setup Shot – Lisa

Lisa Nolan Setup Shot
Here is a quick setup shot from last year with Lisa. It gives you a rough idea as to how it was lit and it will also give you an insight as to the amount of retouching that was done on this particular shot. Its not the best shot from the shoot, legs are cut off, fingers are not right etc. , but its the only one I remembered to pull back and take a setup shot of.

Lighting wise, its a basic two light setup. My main light is an Elinchrom D4 head with a 135cm Octa. This gives a nice large, soft light source. The light placed up high on an Elinchrom Boom arm to allow it to be slightly directly over the line of the camera with out having the light stand in the way.

The second light is another D4 head, but this one has a smaller 60cm softbox on it. This is at a lower power and its to give a rim / separation light.This is most noticeable on Lisa’s right elbow, right side of her stomach and right knee etc. It is a subtle light and it just adds a that little kicker which I like. This shoot was 6months ago now so I have developed a taste for a softer rim light.

In terms of retouching, you can see that the softbox was taken out and basic skin retouching. Amy McGuire did the make-up and she uses actual air brushing to apply it, so it gives a great smooth finish. Lisa has great skin anyway, so all around it made the job very easy.

Lisa Nolan Setup 2


Lisa Nolan --2

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