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Lana 4
Here is a quick post on the setup info from the shoot with Lana. The shot in question is the one of her on the floor, to the right. For the rest of the images from that shoot, see the post here. I have included a few notes in the setup images already. The end result image is by no means perfect, but it was an experience to try working in this kind of environment and using only strobe  light. There are a few lessons to be learnt and shared from it

The thinking behind the shoot was to go dark and sexy, yet keeping detail in the shadows. The way I had planned to go about it was to have an over all fill light for shadow detail, a key light for brightness and shape on the face and some hair and accent lights for background separation. Sounds easy right?

The equipment I have at my arsnel is a Elinchrom D4 IT kit with 60cm softboxes, umbrellas, the snoot kit and the 18cm reflector and grid kit. Along with the studio strobes, I have my collection of Nikon SB-600 strobes and some Yongnuo YN-460 II. Along with the collection of gels and triggering devices to go along with them.

The shot below show the position of the D4 head with the softbox. This was positioned behind Lana to provide a hair light and also to act as a rim light down along the top of her body. It fulfilled this role perfectly. I adjusted the power until I got a nice subtly rim light.

The problem with this light the resulting specular highlight that is created. Due to the reflective nature of the wood floor and the angle at which I was shooting and the light angle, the specular highlight from the softbox can be see. The highlight is basically the reflection of the light source, in this case the softbox, being reflected from the floor. One way to explain it is that, if the wood floor was replaced with a big mirror, then you would be able to see the softbox clearly. This can with be desirable or not, depending on what your are doing. In this case, I think that is distracts from the shot a little.
Setup Shot - Lana 3

The shot below shows the speedlight that was being used to throw a bit of light on Lana’s legs. This is an interesting shot because from this angle, the speedlight creates a nice rim light around Lana’s leg. However it does not add any light to the camera side of the legs, and hence there the fill light is doing all the work with regards to the shadow detail.

Comparing the legs with the shot above, and you can get an idea as the the difference that camera position makes in relation to the light position. While you are comparing the two shots, notice the location of the specular highlight from the soft box in the two shots. The shot above clearly shows the highlight as it is a reflection in the floor. The shot above does not show it as the softbox is off to the right and not a direct reflection
Setup Shot - Lana 1


The shot below just shows another angle and a bit more of the set. You can see the laptop what was used for music and for tethering, the cloths, un-used light gear and of course, Julie making some adjustments to the makeup. You can also see the speedlight and snoot that being used as the key light. The idea of the snoot is to cut control the light and to only allow light to onto Lana’s face. I was aiming to have that light about 1 – 2 stops brighter than the fill light. I don’t have a set ratio, just what ever looks good at the time.
Setup Shot - Lana 2

Thats it for now. Any comments or questions, hit me up up below or on twitter.

[slickr-flickr tag=”lanak2″]

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