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Back to the bloging, here is another setup post. This is from the Shoot with Kurtis a while ago. I will briefly discuss two images as they are the ones that I remembered to take a pull back shot of and show the set up. Lets go.

The shot above resulted in the image below. It is a simple enough set up. There was just one light involved, a Nikon SB600 in a EZ-Fold softbox. I metered the ambient to be around F2.8 – ISO200 – 1/200 I think it was.  I can never really remember the technical stuff as it doesn’t not really matter, it is the look of the shot that we are trying to achieve that matters. At 2.8 it was dark enough. It was raining (lightly), overcast and in a narrow ally way so light was scarce. This was good from a lighting point of view as it means that I needed less flash power to over power the ambient light.

The low ambient light was also good from an aperture point of view. Using a lower aperture meant that I could blur the building in the background a little bit more to keep more of the focus of the image on Kurtis.

I was using iShoot Triggers to trigger the flash, so this means that the flash power has to be set manually. I asked Adam, who was holding the light to take a few steps away from Kurtis until he was out of the frame. I wanted him as close as possible to retain the softness of the light yet far enough away to not get him in the shot.

So with the flash on manual and the ambient light at F2.8, i set the flash power to give me F4. This means that the flash is now brighter than the ambient. This was at a shutter speed of 1/320 I think it was, so this gave me room to make the ambient even darker by setting the shutter to 1/500 or lighter by slowing it to 1/200 or below.

Because the brightness of a flash on a subject is also determined by the distance to the subject,  It was important to ensure that Adam held the light the same distance from Kurtis through out the scene. A few inches closer or further would not make much difference in this case.

To get the final shot, I asked kurtis to start walking with the umbrella to get some natural movement in the shot. So as he walked, I back tracked in front of him and Adam was backtracking also trying to keep the light the same distance from him. About 20 frames later, we got a series of shots and managed to pick a winner from it.

Kurtis -5s

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