Setup Shot – Julie


Here is how some of the shots from the recent shoot with Julie were done. It is a quick post, with the images being fairly self explanatory I think. In the shots above, the white balance was set to tungsten on camera, hence why the light from the window appears blue. The lights had different levels of CTO gel’s to bring the light temperature back towards tungsten, The idea was to add a bit of shape and mood with the light colour as well as direction.

– The top left shot is the final image

– The top right shot is SOOC view of the soft box position

– The bottom shot is a wide-ish angle shot of the set up. I only had the 35mm prime so it’s not great for setup shots 🙂

Edit – The key light is not a 1/4 cto gel, it was a lot more, about 1 1/2 cto gel I think.

I like the spot light effect on Julies face. I think it gives a great look here. It feathers in nicely with the rest of her tanks to the dark corset.

The shot left is a nice single light portrait using only the Orbis Ring Flash off to the side. It is a great soft light when used up close as you can see. I just left the Orbis on a flash which was on a stand and triggered it remotely using my poverty wizards ( Cheap versions of Pocket Wizards )

One of the things to consider when using the orbis as a main light is catch lights, do you want them? Because it is small light generally speaking ( compared to a softbox) it will give small catch lights in the eyes. This is great if you don’t want them.

Setup-Julie-3The final shots shows the level of post that went into this shot. As you can see, the sky was so grey and boring so I had to use a sky from another image and drop it on. The light in the setup shot actually did fire, but it was more of a subtle lighting effect. There are two speedlights that were the rim lights also. They are located out in the field at the left and right sides, out of the frame.

The sky was dropped in fairly easy in photoshop with about 5 mins work. Lucky for me, the sky was a pretty even gray tone so it ment that a magic want tool was able to quickly select areas for a mask in which to allow a sky from another image that I had to shine through.

The sky was dropped in last though, the black and white conversion was first and took some time due to the detail in the show. It was all done in photoshop using pure manual method. I use a number of methods on different parts of the shot to try out different effects. The main methods were playing with the curves on different layers to add contrast. Small bits of dodging and burning were then used on detail areas as needed. Over all, I am happy with it, but had the light on the day been better and it was not as windy, I am sure we could have done better.

*Edit* Just so you know, the scene on the right is the location for all the black and white images, and the lighting stayed pretty much the same for them all:

Softbox on the left as key, two back bare speedlights as rim lights.

Any comments or questions, post them below.

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