Setup Shot – Julie in Studio

Julie Caulfield Setup 1

Here is a setup shot taken from my last shoot with Julie.  It shows all the lights used to create the shot, the final result of which is on the right.

The thinking behind this particular images was to try and create a bright image with flat lighting to ensure the details in the cloths are shown i.e. the black leather shorts.

Julie Caulfield Setup 2

The shoot was last October, over 4 months ago, so this post is a little behind in showing you how I am lighting shots now, but it shows its beginnings. The basic set up is a large soft key light with large rim/hair lighting with an emphasis on subtly. I want to be able to light a shot without you knowing how it was lit. I want subtly lighting, not obvious over lighting, unless it is intentional. The two main ways I am doing this are by using soft light as a key and using rim lighting / backlighting.

Just to confirm the setup here:

Key ::::: Elinchrom D4 Light with 135cm Oct
Fill ::::: Elinchrom D4 Light with 60cm Softbox through diffusion panel
Hair / Rim ::::: Elinchrom D4 with 70cm Deep Octa
Background ::::: Elinchrom D4 with Grid

Why the need for such a complex setup? Well, unfortunately I never took a shot with the different lights long for this shot, I have coming up in later Setup Shots. The effects of the fill and hair lights are so subtle, that at first glance you would not notice them at all. But upon closer inspection, you can see that if the fill light was not there for instance, the highlights in the shorts would not be there and they would appear black. Also, the left side of Julies legs would be in deeper shadow, where as in the show there is a slight, tiny hint of a high light there.

Another reason for this kind of lighting setup is to just make an image stand out a little more and in general be more professional, separating my self from others. Lighting is a big part of my photography, be it in the adding of light to enhancing an image or the controlling and reduction of existing light to tame a situation. Lighting is an ongoing thing, there is always something to learn, styles to develop and tricks and tips to know. There are many photographers out there who refuse to work with flash or additional lights. There are also those who say that available light is the best as its natural. Well I say that using flash and additional is the same as using available light…… its just available when and where I want it. An example is back in an old post about Making A Sun.

Thats all for now, as usual if you have any comments or questions, you can leave them below or tweet me @RichieButtle

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