Setup Shot – Gill on the Beach

Gill Setup -s

This is a quick set up shot of a recent beach shoot with Gill ( photos to follow)

Strobist Info:
1/1000s – F4.5 –  ISO: 200
-Nikon SB600 with 1/4 cto gel and shoot through umbrella

The SB600 with the umbrella and gel was not just quite able to over power the the sun so I had to use the reflector to add some extra light onto Gill’s face. I also set the zoom on the flash to 85mm (max) to try and increase the efficiency.

You might be thinking how can I be using 1/1000s and still sync with the flash…. that is the beauty of the Nikon D40 and its digital shutter 🙂

Note the low budget’ness of this shoot. There was a bag to hold up the reflector and stop it blowing in the wind and there is tent pegs used to pin the light stand down. If you shoot a lot out doors and it is not over windy, get your self a set of tent pegs. Great for holding down the light stand.

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