Confidence is Beauty in a portrait shoot


Carol dropped down to me for a shoot last year. Carol wanted the experience of a shoot and also to get some nice pictures of herself while she was still young and beautiful. I had to remind her though ( and you), that beauty is not a product of age, but it comes from within. It’s a cliché, but beauty does come from within.



Shoots like these are my favourite because I get to work with normal women, real people with normal lives who just want to feel and look beautiful. It is so easy to get caught up in the hum drum of life, the 9-5 of work, the looking after of kids etc. I pride myself on being able to make people feel comfortable on a shoot and to be able to bring out something in them that either they have forgotten or just don’t see it often.  Helping them feel confident is half the battle and it really shows in the photos. Generally, I am only 10% photographer, 90% therapist.  I spend more time making people feel good so that they can then look good.  But don’t just take my work for it, have a look at my Reviews on FaceBook.


Carol is a mother herself, but she has a really young personality, she is hilarious on twitter also. She had no hang ups about her body or wearing just her underwear for a shoot. When the confidence is high, there is no stopping You might be thinking that I have retouched these shots … but no, I didn’t to any retouching. I generally try to do as little retouching as possible as I prefer to try and keep shoots as natural looking as possible. There are times when stray hairs, marks, spots etc. need to be taken out of a picture as the are too distracting. But I don’t make people look 20 kgs lighter. Instead, I spend the time before the shoot making people great as the are… rock what you got. For any those of you reading this who have shot with me … this is where the “Fedex” and “Hot Bitch” parts of the session come in 🙂



Do you agree? Let me know what you think about the role confidence has in a photoshoot. Also, if you would like to experience a shoot yourself, why not BOOK YOUR SHOOT HERE.

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