Alyson Boyle on the Beach

Alyson Boyle Double

If this is your first time to my blog, Welcome. If you follow my work, Welcome Back!. As you may now know, I do a good bit of shooting on the beach. I like the multiple challenges it brings. It has all the usual hardships with shooting on location PLUS all the extra ones that being on a beach brings. Some of those include sand…..lots of sand and the wind.

Alyson Boyle Beach -3

This was a great shoot though. I was shooting two Assets Models. Alyson and Lydia. I also had a great team of Ann-Jean Fitzsimons on Hair and Makeup, Gill Keogh on Styling and Cameron ( was assisting me. It makes a big different in working with experienced team. It means that you can concentrate more on getting the shot when you know that there is some one there to worry about the hair, the makeup etc.

I decided to go for an evening shoot. This worked out well for two reasons. The first being that the weather was terrible early in the day. I was on the beach from 3pm scoping out the situation. After several showers of rain, around 6pm or so, the sun came out to play, and more importantly it stayed out. The weather was great right up untill 10pm when we were trying to get the last few shots. The camera was starting to struggle with focusing with the lack of light when the rain came. So it all worked well in the end.

Alyson is stunning and a fantastic model. I first worked with Alyson back on St. Patrick’s Day in 2010. It was my 3rd or 4th shoot on my own I think. I was nervous as hell as she was the first “proper model” I was going to shoot and I was still trying to remember my F-Stops from my Bus Stops. It all worked out grand though and here we are now again shooting.

We tried out a few different looks. Standing up, lying down, in the water etc. These are the favourites of the shoot though. I am very happy with them. I really like the main picture to the side. I am not going to talk about the lighting in this post as I have a dedicated Lighting Setup post for this shoot to follow. What I will say now is that all of Alyson’s shots are with three lights. In this typical layout:

  1. Key light was a speedlight in an Orbis Ring Flash with 1/2 CTO gel
  2. Left and right rim lights was from a speedlights on stands about 3 meters away with 1/4 CTO Gels
  3. When a fill light was used, it was form a shoot through umbrella.

Alyson Boyle Beach -7

Alyson Boyle Beach -9

Thats all for now. Here are some behind the scenes photos of the crew at work 🙂


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  1. Keep up the good work, Richie.

    Fantastic tutorials (or whatever you wish to call them, yourself). Great insight and a good way to get the ould cogs turning in the head.

  2. Cheers Shane,

    I try to explain most of that I do as best I can. But if I forget something or you have a question it, don’t be shy to ask 🙂


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